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Startup From The Ground Up

by Yvonne Wu (writer), , August 18, 2011

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Startup From The Ground Up with Cynthia Kocialski. Cynthia Kocialski talks about the inspiration behind writing her book about how startup business's can grow and succeed.

Many entrepreneurs come to me looking for suggestions and advice. I’m afraid I disappoint them most of the time because they are usually looking for the magic or secret that will instantly propel their company and product to success. And it doesn’t exist, overnight business success doesn’t happen. What they need more than anything is inspiration. They need to know the challenges they are encountering are not unique to them, that they can work through them and prevail. Friends and colleagues encouraged me to write a book because they like hearing the stories about start-ups and what it is really like inside one of those famous successes. I think it’s the stories that are most helpful to the budding entrepreneur and their early stage businesses.

The first time entrepreneur doesn’t often know or understand what is important in creating a new business beyond the product. Startup From The Ground Up shows the entrepreneur where to focus their attention and what aspects of the business needs their concerted effort.

Startup From The Ground Up shows the common early stumbling blocks for a fledgling business and how to overcome those hurdles.

Every entrepreneur has the moment that sparks the idea. The idea is so exciting that their next thought is investors, of course, will want to fund the start-up. Most entrepreneurs neither know nor understand investors. Startup From The Ground Up shows them how investors think and what’s important to investors, and why they should think like one too.

“Startup from the Ground Up” provides practical advice for how to get an entrepreneur moving down the right path and thinking in the right direction with practical tips, strategies, and techniques on how to transform an idea into a company. When readers use the insights in this book and tap into the real life examples of how other entrepreneurs did it, they’ll discover the power to create and build the business they’ve always wanted.

Cynthia Kocialski is the author of Startup From The Ground Up. In the past 15 years, she has been involved in dozens of start-ups and has served on various advisory boards. For more details about the book, go to Amazon or go to her website

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By Yvonne Wu on October 07, 2011 at 10:36 am

Great book to have at your desk and move your business forward.

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