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Patriotically Speaking

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The political purposes affirmed in the Preamble commit Americans to pursuit of liberty, equality, unity and prosperity for all.
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Dear Mr. President, Let us not accept the world as it is; let us resolve to create the world as it might and ought to be!

There is no special reason why you should heed my plea, but I am an American citizen, a veteran, a Democrat and a supporter. The essence of my appeal is much broader than you or I. This concerns our country, our children, and everyone or everything we hold dear. The debacle of the debt ceiling debate and deal call into question the effectiveness of governance in the United States. As was demonstrated then, you face implacable foes that place nothing higher than your defeat. They have shown the citizenry and the world that their two-track strategy is divide and rule and rule or ruin.

Since your inauguration in January 2009, you have repeatedly advocated bipartisanship. You have sought to persuade the Republicans to work with the Democrats to fulfill the purposes for which the Republic was founded. As a response, the Minority Leader in the Senate has stated and reiterated that the top legislative priority of the Republican Party is to deny you a second term. They do not care about adverse consequences in the economy; they do not care about hardships afflicting millions of Americans; even more alarmingly, they do not care about effective, responsive governance. Based on recurrent statements and repeated actions, one must actually take the Congressional Republicans and the Republican Presidential Candidates at face value. In case any more evidence of their relentless opposition to you and everything you suggest, consider the Republican appointees to the twelve-member super-committee called for the in Budget Control Act. Everyone is signatory of the Tax Payer Protection Pledge. As such, they do not enter the committee with an open mind or a serious intent to reduce the deficit. Additionally, the House Republicans are conducting mock [pro forma] sessions to technically keep Congress in session and thereby, deny you the opportunity for recess appointments. This is more evidence, if any was needed, of the Republican commitment to obstruction and uncooperativeness. Slightly over 40% of your judicial nominations have been confirmed. This is a historically low rate and it does not reflect the quality of your nominees. Republicans block these people because they are your nominees.

Therefore, evidence suggests that bipartisanship is a snare and a delusion. It must be abandoned because in any constructive sense, it is unattainable. What the country desperately needs is non-partisanship. You cannot make the Republicans cease their sabotage of effective governance, but you can emphasize and articulate your commitment to it. You can also hold the Republicans accountable for their obstructionism and their relentless pursuit of their ideological agenda despite the Constitutional imperatives as set forth in the Preamble. To do so, however, you must be an impassioned champion, not a dispassionate analyst. The framework for your leadership efforts exists in the document you took an oath to preserve, protect and defend.

The first of these purposes speaks of perfecting our union. You must make it clear that when a possible Republican Presidential candidate speaks casually about secession, he disqualifies himself for the presidency. When Congressional committee chairs attack American citizens due to their religious faith, they dishonor their office and deserve to be exposed. Call upon all Americans to defend the noble ideals of liberty, equality, justice and prosperity for all. Remind us of who we are and about what we should care most. As Republicans seek to slice and dice the populace into groups then can play off against one another in pursuit of electoral victory, emphasize their disservice to the Constitution they have sworn an oath to uphold.

Second, emphasize the need to establish justice. Powerful corporations and the supremely wealthy should not be able to evade their responsibility to pay for the operation of government. The Sixteenth Amendment grants the power to lay and collect taxes on income from whatever source derived. People who get enormous incomes in the form of dividends, interest, profit, rents, or capital gains should pay taxes on this income at the same rates as people who get meager incomes from salaries and wages. Concerning seniors, remove the cap from Social Security taxes so that people who have salaries or wages under roughly $110,000 do not pay a higher rate than people who have far higher wage or salary incomes. There is absolutely no argument for the justice of a regressive tax, which is precisely what the cap makes the Social Security tax. Why should people who make less pay more?

Third, insist that action be taken by the government to insure domestic tranquility. Do not call for the deployment of thousands of troops to oppress people for oppression is not tranquility. However, do insist that people are not abandoned to destitution, homelessness, and hopelessness. Because your rivals do not care about the misery of the masses, they will obstruct your efforts and ignore your initiatives. That is as it may be. If you do not stand for something worthwhile, you will surely fall. Given the alternatives to your Presidency and the likely Congressional impact, the people of this country and the country itself would be genuinely imperiled by such an eventuality. You must raise a noble standard and the Preamble to the Constitution furnishes a ready framework.

Fourth, focus on sensible and effective provisions for the common defense while opposing and ending military and related expenditures that simply enrich corporations working on unnecessary weapons or fulfill some fevered schemes to police the world. All military expenditures and every military deployment do not fully contribute to the defense of the Republic. It is time to separate those that do from those that do not.

Fifth, promote the general welfare of all Americans. Invest in the nation's infrastructure and the education of America's children and youth. Push for Medicare for all with genuine reforms of the nation's healthcare system so that patient care takes precedence over corporate profits. Defend people's right to organize and bargain collectively. Bring the military home from most overseas deployments and quit spending millions in foreign lands that should be put to better use in America.

Finally, secure the blessings of liberty to all Americans. Every one whether - rich, poor, middle or working class, regardless of skin color or birthplace, no matter their sexual orientation or gender or their religious preference. Protect the franchise so that people in momentary control of the election process cannot deprive us of fair elections - and no one's right to vote can be taken away. We need elections where money does not buy anyone's vote or place members of Congress on retainer. We must ban anonymous political influence; and slam shut the lobbyists’ revolving door in D.C. Finally, we must initiate public funding of elections.

You have shown the ability to speak in an inspiring manner. You touched the better angels of our nature in your successful 2008 campaign. Now America needs a leader and not a wheedler. You have done it before and you can do it again. If you choose not to inspire us and bring out our best, rest assured, your opponents will persist in inciting us to bring out our worst.

Our children, our ancestors, those who have gone before and those yet to come deserve an America true to its principles; an America dedicated to its purposes. An America that is a Republic and not a Realm; an America in which hope is not folly, unity is not a memory, courage is not a relic, justice is not a joke, and the dream refuses to die. Mr. President I still believe in hope, in action, and change for the better. Please demonstrate unmistakably that you do as well. Together an inspiring leader and an inspired people can accomplish great things.

Let us resume,

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By Caballero_69 on August 11, 2011 at 01:19 pm

I mailed a slightly modified version of this appeal to President Obama. I do not expect a reply, but I will watch his actions and study his words from here on.

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