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Can We?

Credit: Dr. Pinna
Choose hope over despair, unity over division, and resolve over retreat; our destiny will not be written for us, but by us!
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Try to remember as we head for September when hope was new and oh so mellow.Try to remember as we near September when dreams reborn began to billow.

In what was once the Promised Land,

Hallowed verities no longer stand.

The values of the days of yore

Raise curiosity and little more.

We find it oh so easy to lay blame,

We persist in playing this foolish game.

Each of us does our own part

To wound the nation’s pulsing heart

With anger, hate, fear or fatigue

We find ourselves in twisted league

Old friends have stumbled and gone astray

New foes arise to block our way.

The country reels; the children cry.

Have we ever paused and wondered why?

Nearly three years have come and gone

And gathering storms eclipse the dawn.

At that almost mythic time

We knew the reason and felt the rhyme.

A young leader triumphed so attuned

He sought to bind up the nation’s wounds

In the days and nights that have since past,

He has faced a vile and withering blast.

Hopes are in all out retreat

Adversaries swagger and preen in stark conceit.

Can we hold firm or should we restart

The hard, grueling, unglamorous part

Build up again with worn our tools

What now lies smashed and scarred by fools.

Can we look again within?

For the courage to fight though perhaps not win

Do we yet have the strength to start?

Anew with calm mind and valiant heart

After all the fury and the fuss,

It is truly up to us.

Though we feel so lost and so betrayed,

Let not daunting doubt dissuade

The spirit to which we should lay claim

Let us sense the flicker and fan the flame.

This is our land far and wide

We must not simply stand aside.

Shake off the fear, the regret and pain.

Let us be Americans again!

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By Caballero_69 on August 08, 2011 at 02:01 pm


My editor and splendid friend, in this as in so much you are profoundly right.

With battered hearts and tattered hopes we all face a momentous choice. We can look at the spectacle America's political process has become and withdraw to like our wounds and soothe are souls. Or we can recall the nature of the blood running in our veins. We can flashback to the ice-choked Deleware River; we can imagine ourselves on Cemetary Ridge or in the LCTs bound for Normandy's beaches. Then, we can remember that Americans do not accept uncontested disasters. We can look deep within and press on to insist in voices so loud and words so clear that the person we elected be what he might and ought to be. The man in this video is who we elected and we need to summon him again. If we do not and he does not, all we hold dear will be betrayed.

I believe you and I and many others are better than that!

As ever cherishing the comment and the chance to respond!


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By Caballero_69 on August 08, 2011 at 06:48 pm

"Maybe in the end it will take all of us, in our many millions, taking to the streets to reclaim our country from those who are actively working to destroy it."

Melody - I believe you are precisely right. With are words, voices, funds [limited as they may be], efforts [meager or major] a mass movement is needed. It should be based [in my opinion] on the fundamental principles and foundational purposes of our polity.

We, the peiple, need to assert our sovereingty and enlist the help of elected officials in doing so.

One major group wants nothing to do with a mass movement of informed, inspired citizens. The other may be amenable.

Thanks as ever,


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