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Chickens and Eagles

Credit: Inmyredhead
A sunray streaked sky just waiting for an Eagle.

A retelling of an age old inspirational story explaining why every single person is important.

I believe that everybody has a purpose, a place, a role. The existence of each individual life creates a chain reaction that has a domino affect on multitudes of other lives. And while you may feel that your place in this world isn't very important, imagine a chain that is missing a link. Imagine a row of dominoes all laid out in complicated structures... but there is a missing piece. The domino's movement starts with the master of ceremonies if you will, but it's a piece that looks just like the others. They are the same size and shape. As is the missing piece, where ever it may be, is the same as the piece that is first in the row which starts all the action. And with out that one piece, just any one piece anywhere along the line, the wave of reaction comes to a silent halt.

The importance of our roles may seem meaningless in the grand scheme of things. But if you believe in a higher power, you know you have a higher purpose. And sometimes the understanding of that reason is just that... "over our heads!" And we are not to know just when we have accomplished our task or whom we have touched and why. We do not get annual evaluations from that higher power. It is not our place to seek out what glories we have attended in. We just live our lives and accept the grace that we are allowed to live in, knowing we are being or will be rewarded some day.

Even negative actions have a reactionary force. We oft have no idea that our higher power has used us in his work. In your lifetime you will have touched the lives of many. Always know the significance of your life. Even if you play the role of the 'Chicken' talked about in the story below.

One of the people that I have been most touched by in my life, is Rena Tarbet. As of a few years ago, possibly still today, she held the record for the most Chemo treatments received and lives to continually inspire us all. She's a gorgeous senior woman with a radiant spirit and is an empire unto herself with a successful inspirational speaking career. She started her success as an entreprenuer along side the also beautiful and inspirational now deceased Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Rena was at the top of the Mary Kay ranks and had reached all the goals and levels possible when she ventured into inspirational speaking, from which an entire separate successful business was born.

I had the great pleasure of attending a seminar in which she was a guest speaker. And I have never ever known any one like her in my entire life. She blew me away with her honesty and tell it like it is style. She sugar coats nothing. In fact, with in my own cirlce of women entreprenuer friends with which I attended, many did not like her style at all. Many said they felt insulted by the harsh 'Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get off your butt and work' attitude she spoke from. Rena would say' "they want to cling to their excuses."

Let's review- This woman is a cancer patient with a record for most Chemotherapy treatments received and she STILL succeeded in life and continued to sell a product and manage her team and work from her hospital bed. She reached many of her sales goals from many hospital beds over the years. She NEVER quit. I think she has a certain right to tell people to stop feeling sorry for themselves. One of the biggest lessons she teaches is the idea that sometimes we are our own worst enemy and it is only ourselves that prevent us from succeeding and this is usually because we are simply afraid of success.

All this leads up to what I want to share with you today... my favorite Rena story. It's one that she tells at the end of any given speaking event, and was the one she ended with on this particular day. It's one that moved my heart and rocked my world. It is the story of Chickens and Eagles. There is a very old story with similar wording, but she tells it with a different point of view in that it's ok to be either because "being your best knows no titles." I will not even try to tell it to you like she would. It means so much to me and I hold it so closely to my heart that it's taken on it's own life. And I've gotten so excited about sharing it with you that I've made this a long story already. I will give you the short, in a nut shell version.

Everyone is either a Chicken, or an Eagle. Chickens make up the bulk of society. With out them the world would not turn, and life as you know it would simply cease to be. Chickens do important work. Just about EVERYTHING that you see and do on a daily basis is being taken care of by the Chickens who are committed to earthly endeavors and who do very well at what they do. They are happy to be Chickens. And it's wonderful fulfilling life.

And then you have your Eagles. Eagles of course have higher aspirations. There is nothing wrong with not having these higher aspirations, as would be the typical case of the happy Chicken. Remember, we need the Chickens to do what the Chickens do. Only Chickens are good at it. And we can't have all the Chickens running around willy nilly trying to fly, soar and dive. Nothing would be accomplished! And an Eagle also has his or her job to do. They soar, they climb, they inspire. It would be a sad and dismal place to look up to the sky and never see the strength and spirit of the Eagle in flight, doing what he does best and using the ability he was given. Yes, Eagles are a special breed, but Chickens are what makes the world go around.

Now, are you are sitting there reading this and thinking, 'Ok, that's all well and good, but... I don't really want to be a chicken. I don't like being a chicken. I feel kind of sad that I'm a chicken.'? Then my friend, you are in fact, not a Chicken.

"You are a baby Eagle who hasn't figured out how to fly the coop."

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3 comments on Chickens and Eagles

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By TonyBerkman on October 26, 2011 at 12:58 am

Wow. This is an amazing piece of writing and inspiration. Your ending gave me chills. Thank you for opening up and sharing this with readers. If I could "fly like an eagle" and get this to the front of the "Must Read on Broo." I would. Perhaps I will :-) One of my favorite quotes is "God's delays are not God's Denials."

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By Angie Alaniz on October 26, 2011 at 04:32 pm

This is a beautiful article. I am glad that Tony pointed it out in the cafe or I would have missed it.

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By Inmyredhead on November 01, 2011 at 12:54 am

Hey, thanks! I love being able to share this story! Glad you liked it.

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