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by rosenvegas (writer), Las Vegas, NV, October 08, 2011

Everyone is a fake. Who walks the walk, talks the talk? Who's real opinions, and true agendas are ever present for the world to see? Some are better than others at this game of hide and seek.

Everywhere you look. Deception is present. There are no more honest people in the world. Or can people just not handle the honesty? Some people prefer the honest truth while others want things sugar coated. Most people don't however, stick with the truth.

Doctors are entrusted with our lives and keeping us healthy. But doctors can not make a living off healthy patients. Now there are those doctors that will not abuse this and keep things reasonable, they make sure there is some reason to be concerned that cannot be explained any other way. While others will tkae the first sign of trouble and go for the worst possible outcome and guage you and the insurance company.

Lawyers. Well...enough said. Taught to spin the facts to create the story they want you to see. Twisiting and turning the facts, implications and conclusions from selected information.

I could go on with examples: car salesman...salesmen in general (although they hold much more resectable titles now), your boss getting your "buy in" to work harder then your job title requires, insurance agents (yup, fancy sales title).

Then of course there are those outside the professional environment. How many times has a spouse tried to convince their significant other through the use of sales' tactics? How many times has a friend lied to you to protect your feelings?

I ask you. Can our society handle the truth? Can your friend tell you what they really think about your "out-of-date," two sizes two small jeans? Can your significant other really just tell you, you've gotten fat which is why they are not sexually attracted to you anymore? Can a child correct you without the power trip response? Can your boss tell you what a shitty job you did without sugar coating how bad you've screwed up and are obviously not qualified for your positon? Can the car salesman tell you this is too much car for you without you being insulted? Can you handle having the girl you hit on tell you they just aren't attracted to you, without slaughtering your ego? Probably not.

I ask again, can we handle the truth? No. So stop asking for the truth. Everyone wants the mask. Paper faces on display. Everything else is more than we can handle or too basic without the added glorification.

We live in a world where everyone is wearing a mask. We all do it. But we are often lieing to ourselves in order to cope with it. Justifying our lies through descriptive words like ... exagerating, omitting, sugar coating. If its not the's a lie. It's that simple. Take off the mask people.

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By TonyBerkman on October 08, 2011 at 05:53 pm

Rosen I enjoyed reading this as it is thought provoking. I've always said a true friend tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. Do you believe there aren't any people who place a high value on the truth? No one wants to be lied to yet you are right we all lie to some disgree or another to others and even to ourselves. Anyone who says they have never lied, certainly is telling a lie. Are there times when we should protect people by not telling them something because we know that it would harm them more than help them? I am not sure of the answers though I do value the truth being told to be even if it sucks and hurts. I always find after time that those moments where I was hurt by the truth are the moments where I have grown the most. What about you?

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