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John Edwards: What a Creep

by Cecelia Hendryx (writer), Los Angeles, March 22, 2007

And I once believed - like, yesterday - the hype that John Edwards was thoughtful and concerned about the "little people." And, well, maybe he still is, regarding the "little people," just not so much about memebers of his own family, like his wife and kids. Please. How, how, how can John Edwards continue to drag Elizabeth Edwards and their two young(6- and 8- year- old)children through the arduousness and tumult of a presidential campaign, when Elizabeth Edwards is probably now dying of cancer? (The Edwardses also have an adult daughter and had a teenage son, who died in an car accident nearly 11 years ago.) John Edwards' decision, however, ladies and gentlemen, to press forward toward the White House nonetheless, is an unfortunate and true measure of this man.

Besides the probability that unecessary stress exacerbates cancer, why not spend Elizabeth Edwards' remaining time on this earth, and her children's remaining months or years with their mother, NOT traipsing from photo op to photo op on the rubber-chicken-and-overloaded-hot-dog political circuit (or circus, more appropriately)across an America that needs John Edwards' undivided attention much, much less than his wife and children do?

Sure, Elizabeth Edwards mouthed some high-minded platitudes at this morning's press conference about her wanting to "fight cancer" at the same time as she and her husband are "fighting for America," meaning for the Democratic presidential nomination. But, people, keep in mind, first of all, she was in shock, no doubt reeling mentally and emotionally from the dire diagnosis of her terminality, which she just received mere HOURS ago; that she is probably mortally afflicted by the perception-altering aspects of the disease itself; and has to be affected by chemical or pharmaceutical treatments she is also undoubtedly receiving.

Elizabeth Edwards, in the stale and hopefully soon- discarded mold of an obedient, politically traditional wifey, said what is supposed to be good for her husband and her husband's campaign, according to, well, her husband. That is understandable and she should be forgiven, under the circumstances. Not so for her husband, though, because, secondly, and more importantly, Elizabeth edwards is showing more heart, love and support for John Edwards' quest for political victory than she is showing for herself and her condition. It is the kind of care and real selflessness our country needs more of, but short of suicidal self-neglect. This is a self-acrifice neither America nor John Edwards should ask or accept from Elizabeth Edwards.

But from John Edwards, today's press conference also revealed, we are likely to get more evidence of his overriding self-interest in his political aspirations, which blinds him to the hurt and other harm that will be inflicted upon his family during his continued campaign. Somebody he will listen to ought to grab hold of this guy and turn him around.

Spare us more exposure to his despicable, callous ego. And spare his wife and children the unecessary, pointless waste of the coming 12 to 18 months, the most precious, important time of their lives as a family, one would think, faced with losing its matriarch to cancer. John edwards can't win after this. Why would any decent American vote for a man so numb to what is best for his life partner and his own children? How can he be trusted to really care about and do what is best for you and yours when he can't - or won't do as much for his?

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By Hassassin on March 23, 2007 at 01:18 am
The irony of this article is the cold, callous manner in which you wrote it. I'm appalled that you would use these circumstances as a way to insult a man who's dealing with the weight of the world on his shoulders AND watching the love of his life battle death. Your article is disturbing, and more than that, close minded. Have you considered the guilt Elizabeth might feel if her husband leaves the presidential race? These two have already had a son die, and yet have shown true character in living life to its fullest. You would be well served to learn from the both of them.
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By Deborah Zeitman on March 23, 2007 at 12:28 pm
Very presumptuous and unnecessarily hostile article. This couple has a right to its own choices.
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