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Whale Wars: Japanese re-fueling ship is astonishing find

by BusinessLife (writer), The Carolinas, July 08, 2011

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Two with hypothermia, Gojira has engine trouble, what else will happen?

If you are a fan of Animal Planet's "Whale Wars" series, here's a recap of what you missed on Friday, July 8th.

After being at sea for more than 12 hours in small inflatable, motor boats, two of the crew members suffer hypothermia. The Bob Barker crew agonizes as no one from the small boats has phoned in for more than an hour. Before this, someone from the small boats was calling every 30 minutes.

Finally, through the binoculars, the boats are in view. Everyone on board the Bob Barker comes together to help those in the small boats get on the ship and into warmer, dryer conditions as soon as possible.

Once on board, the crew find out that both Mikey and Sam are suffering from mild to moderate hypothermia. The medic says both crew members were in danger of losing their lives for the whales. It's a fate that all Sea Shepherd members know can happen. But doing everything to be responsible and prevent injury is always top of mind.

Now that Mikey and Sam are under the medic's care, it's time to deal with the next unexpected adventure at sea. The Bob Barker has gotten its tail back, a Japanese harpoon vessel.

Sent to investigate, the Gojira crew comes across a completely different ship. It's an unknown vessel. But this time it's not a whaling ship. Coming closer, one crew member says it may be a re-fueling ship.

They call the Steve Irwin to speak to Paul Watson, head of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and tell him what they have found.

With the name of the ship, Sun Laurel, Paul and the crew on the Steve Irwin do some quick research online and feel quite satisfied as they are now sure the Sun Laurel is the re-fueling ship for the Japanese whaling fleet.

Taking some pleasure, the captain of the Gojira contacts the Sun Laurel to see what, if anything the ship's members will admit.

While a Sun Laurel crew member does admit the vessel is a re-fueling ship, it denies any connection to the Japanese whaling fleet and says he doesn't know when the ship will re-fuel any vessel. The crew of the Gojira share a laugh as they know what they have been told is far from the truth.

Paul is thrilled with the discovery of the Japanese whaling fleet's re-fueling ship and decides the next move is to have both the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker head towards the re-fueling vessel and the Gojira to cut off any of the Japanese whaling fleet from re-fueling.

Just as this turn of events gives all of the Sea Shepherd crew a sense of a great advantage, the Gojira has major engine trouble. It is at such a critical level that it is determined the Gojira and its crew must head back to port to have repairs.

But the winds turn again to the advantage of the Steve Irwin. Could it be that the Japanese harpoon vessel is considering moving on and leaving its position to tail the Steve Irwin? Finally, Paul calls it and has the Steve Irwin bolt away from the Japanese vessel.

It works! The Steve Irwin's crew can finally break away and look for the Nisshin Maru, the factory ship of the Japanese whaling fleet.

But no sooner are they off to find the Nisshin Maru, the Steve Irwin crew receive a call from New Zealand that there is a vessel in trouble. The crew knows the Antarctica is not a place to be in trouble for anyone. They accept the call to go in search of a vessel in distress. Someone's son is lost at sea.

What happens next? One of the ships does come upon something in the water. But is there anyone alive to rescue? That will have to be answered on the next episode of "Whale Wars." Tune in to Animal Planet at 9:00pm (eastern) Friday, July 15 to follow along with the crews of the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker.

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By BusinessLife on July 11, 2011 at 10:35 am

Cher, while I am not able to be onboard of the Bob Barker, Steve Irwin or even the Gojira, I can at least follow along and share just how much men and women are willing to risk on behalf of those who have no human voice. The 2010-2011 whaling season was crippled in many ways by what you can watch on Animal Planet's "Whale Wars." I consider these folks great heroes for a great cause. :) Much more to come this season!

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