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Burnt Out Ends - Unhappy Hour

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Angel of Light or Not

The room was illuminiated by gas lamps shrouded in red velvet tasseled hoods, tinting the smoke filled air crimson, and completing the pleasure den feel. A perfect place for an angel to get lost...

The bar was an old speakeasy from the 1920’s. Entrance through a bookcase in an affluent Pac Heights home, built on bedrock, the house sat a top a natural cave that the 1920,s owners had worked, but left visible and a bit raw. The room was illuminiated by gas lamps shrouded in red velvet tasseled hoods, tinting the smoke filled air crimson, and completing the pleasure den feel. A perfect place for an angel to get lost in her thoughts.

Thoughts and experiences tied together by a menagerie of threads to create a tapestry of seemingly pure chaos that only she and God could find a pattern in. Of course the pattern was a bit blurred for our heroine but, that is to be expected, even when she knows her own outcome. The journey still needed to be played out. Alyona’s journey was as unique as creation itself.

“Where to next. What else can I possibly do that hasn’t been done a thousand times before. That demon embryo was one for the books but these damn cultists have managed to turn a once in a century event in to a Saturday night pre-club party! FUCK, genetically engineered demons!” With that Alyona tossed back the double of JD and chased it with a sip of her 20 yr double malt scotch.

“I don’t pretend to know, Alyona. Look where we come for comfort for HIS sake! I can’t imagine what the grand plan is that HE put in motion eons ago but I know that I hate the smell of sulfur and those who shit it! When the thought of tobacco smoke is welcome to my burning lungs, that is a sign of some sort that I need a vacation from this crap.” Jake Calvo then tossed back his double of JD and chased it with his IPA.

Trying to keep up with Alyona was impossible, as she is unaffected by the effects of alcohol, but there is something bent in the human condition where we like to mirror actions. When that is a bent elbow, hand and head toss back, swallow, then chase for hours in a bar there is no good end for the one afflicted by the human condition.

“I wish I could take you with me next time.” Alyona whispered while staring straight ahead at the exposed bedrock wall behind the bar. “This would be so much more, I don’t know, endurable maybe even enjoyable if I had a partner to share it with.”

“Well, I am here and now to share this small victory. I’m sure you’ll find some other cranky old caffeine addict elsewhere to share the glory! Hell, I’m only still here because of you. Same for most of humanity so, here’s to the protector of His children!”, leaning back to drain his mug Jake almost fell off the stool at the bar.

“Ah, the toast, there is my cue. You’re done.”, raising one hand to the bar tender and placing the other on Jake to steady him, Alyona made to depart. One great perk about being the protector of humanity is a bottomless tab for you and your friends.

A sound like a battering ram slamming through and splintering an oak door cut through the smoky thick crimson silence. As Alyona turned to the door she realized outlound, “Wait, it was a battering ram”.

Police filtered in to the room like midnight blue shadows flowing across the floor, walls, and ceiling. “Ah shit, now you’ve gone to far. Not here, NOT HERE!”, Alyona screeched as she unfolded her ancient wings shredding her garments and laying herself bare from the waist up.

For Alyona time stopped. Not metaphorically speaking, but physically time stopped. Pulling her semi-conscious friend to her she wrapped him in her impervious wings that once protected God. Jake now safe, she reached over the top of her wings with her gun filled hands and unleashed a barrage of holy war unto the possessed officers.

Time jerks forward as each bullet is fired, a kill shot before it leaves the barrel. Time returns to normal as shrieks of amazement, astonishment and pain echoed through the thick air as demons felt the elation and disappointment of pain, followed by the death of their host.

“That must have been one powerful Duke of Hell for this kind of retribution attack.” Alyona mumbled aloud to no one. She’d have to restaff The Crimson Night, again. When the gun fire ceased, it was clear that there was no human, save for Jake, alive. “What have I brought to you my friend. What life is this for one with so short of a window to enjoy existence?”

Looking around, Alyona shrugged off the now growing pools of blackened blood, “I’ll clean up in the morning. Time to get my boy to bed and make the appropriate arrangements for our next mission.”

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By Caballero_69 on July 07, 2011 at 12:09 pm


Alyona seems like a Hell of a Girl [Female, Whatever]. Do she and Jake have an ongoing saga?

Looks to me like their adventures would be worth tracking!


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