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Interview with CEO & Founder of EverBlade

Credit: The GreenEverBlade Company
Keeps It Sharper Longer
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Green is in! Having more green in your pocket is too. EverBlade polarity technology does both.

Green is in! Having more green in your pocket is too. EverBlade polarity technology does both.

The first place many entrepreneurs start their careers is by noticing a challenge. The next step is the entrepreneur sets out to solve the problem. The GreenEverBlade was created because the founders noticed the staggering waste of material and enormous cost that comes along with using razor blades. They asked themselves a simple question, "is there any way to consistently keep razor blades sharp without creating a whole new set of problems; like the maintenance and time of a sharpener or the cost of batteries to keep a sharpener running, not to mention all the additional costs and packaging associated with the upkeep?" The result was EverBlade, a self-sufficient product that requires no batteries or electricity, and that resulted in razor blades lasting for 4 to 12 months simply by placing the blade on the EverBlade stand instead of on your bathroom counter or medicine cabinet.

I had the good fortune to sit down with Chris Wilson the founder of EverBlade, after trying out the product, and ask him some questions about their product that they claim keeps consumer razor blade costs down and the environment cleaner.

Me: Chris, what is the story behind EverBlade?

Chris: My father and I have manufactured and branded the EverBlade. It consists of a combination of very old technology that has never been mass-produced or marketed. We became very passionate about shaving, first by having a consistently sharp blade, and that led to our trying other shaving products on the market. Eventually, we were lucky enough to be able to brand a new shave lather, pre-shave gel, and after-shave gel and shave brushes to go with the EverBlade stand.

Me: You sent me an EverBlade to try out and I must say at first, I was skeptical. After I opened it and saw that it wasn't even a sharpener, my level of skepticism that your product would do anything really skyrocketed. Is this a common reaction to the EverBlade?

Chris: Yes, many customers and even friends don't understand the product at first glance or when they hear about it. Some even think that it's a blade itself, like a new razor or something and people generally don't want to change the razor that they're using - I guess because of the name being EverBlade, but it's a stand that keeps any razor blade sharper longer.

Me: I don't follow instructions though I usually have to use three different razors to get a good shave. I know it sounds like a lot though I tend to wait a week or so between shaving. I don't remember a time when I had an "easy" time shaving. It's been years. So instead of following the directions I took one of the razors that I had and sat it on the EverBlade platform thinking to myself "this seems really bizarre". Yet a day later when I shaved it was the best shave I've had in years. Someone even commented at Starbucks about my face looking clean- shaven. Is this a common reaction?

Chris: Yes, this is very common reaction, including my reaction to the first time I used the EverBlade. Oftentimes people will tell me that they actually enjoy shaving now. I think it's a much bigger issue than anyone really cares to talk about - that is, shaving is simply unpleasant for most people, to say the least. The 'old fashioned' way of shaving with a good shave lather, soap or cream, in combination with using a good quality shaving brush, has been making a comeback in recent years. I think it's because people are starting to get fed up with not getting a good shave and are willing to try a new method and/or products. I think most people know that using the right tools for any particular job is important. But surprisingly, people don't seem to think too much about what tools they are using to shave their face. Having a sharp blade is probably the most critical part to shaving, and using a sharp blade with great products is a wonderful experience. I actually look forward to my morning shave, and if for some reason I don't get to shave on a given day, it's just not that great a day, no matter what happens.

Me: As a businessman and a marketer how do you overcome the initial skepticism to EverBlade?

Chris: Yes, this is very difficult. You can't exactly say "Trust me -this is the greatest thing you've ever tried in your life." They'll go running and will never look back. We have been relying more on word of mouth. I've found that some of the most skeptical people, after using the EverBlade, have become my most vocal advocates for the product. Having a money back guarantee that we stand behind also helps.

Me: After telling everyone in my office how well EverBlade works, Angie my business partner took one to test and write about. Steven who is our developer, someone in his 20s, said, “Well it must just be that the blade is protected from getting banged up”. Is this how EverBlade keeps your blades sharper for a longer period of time?

Chris: No, not exactly, although it does offer some added production for the blade by having its own base to rest in. The EverBlade is made up of a series of specifically-designed copper plates. These plates create a mild energy field that is strong enough to repel various debris that builds up on the razor blade. These fine particles in the water, air and shaving products will build up on the fine edge of the blade, keeping you from experiencing the full life of the blade. Thus after a short period of time you feel the blade is ‘dull’, when in fact it's not actually dull at all. Placing your blade on the EverBlade stand will allow you to experience the full life of your blade because it will prevent these particles from building up on the edge of the blade.

Me: A blogger commented to me that the blade and razor manufacturers must really dislike EverBlade. Is there truth to this?

Chris: Frankly, I don't know. It would seem that that is the case at first glance. However, to the credit of razor manufacturers many of them have made some excellent razors. The only problem is that they don't last particularly long for most people. I think that the EverBlade helps people enjoy the razors that they are currently using even more than before. Also, for some people, using the EverBlade has opened them up to buying the most expensive razors on the market. Before using the EverBlade people would only buy the cheapest versions of disposable razors now they don't mind spending a little extra because they know that they aren't going to just throw it away.

Me: On average what does an EverBlade user save per year in razor blade replacement costs?

Chris: It's really hard to say, as it depends on how often people change their blades and how much they spend on those blades. If I'd have to give a number though, I'd say that they average person saves around a hundred dollars a year.

Me: How long does the EverBlade product last before it has to be replaced?

Chris: The EverBlade product will last forever, you will not need to replace it. Unless of course you smash it to pieces or are just tired of looking at it and would like to have a new one.

Me: What kind of retention do you have from EverBlade users?

Chris: We have many repeat customers. Customers who buy one and then months later they buy three or four. I think after they try it out for themselves they buy them as gifts for friends and family. Also we offer a full line of shaving products, and some people will start with buying a pre-shave gel and then a brush and then decide to try the EverBlade because they appreciate the quality of these other products.

Me: Can you share the funniest story that you have heard of from EverBlade customers?

Chris: The most common story I hear is that a wife will buy it for herself. And after she uses it for awhile she tells her husband how great it is and after he tries it, he won't give it back so she ends up having to buy another one.

Me: Chris thank you for your time. What's the best place for someone to learn more about your company?

Chris: It's been my pleasure. We have a website with a history of the company and since we sell a range of products related to shaving we have created a specific page for Ever Blade.

This interview was conducted as part of BlogCatalogs IMHO Writer's Circle program, where digital authors are provided products by ethical companies for their review and the companies in return receive honest opinions about brands that interest them. Ethical companies use the feedback from writers, whether positive or negative, as a way to adjust their brands to ensure that their customers are receiving what they expect.

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