Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Gilad Shalit, a soldier holding both Israeli and French citizenship has been abducted yesterday at the Gaza-Israel border by a group of terrorists. Two other Israeli soldiers have been killed in the operation and another wounded. The IDF post near Kerem Shalom has been attacked by a terrorist group who infiltrated Israel from Gaza through a tunnel. Gilad Shalit, 19, is the first Israeli soldier abducted since 1994. The fate of the quiet bespectacled teen grips the whole country and pictures of his boyish face appeared soon after in the headlines of all Israeli newspapers.

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Amina Filali was a sixteen-year-old Moroccan girl. I say was because she is now dead. She killed herself last weekend in a particularly horrible manner – she swallowed rat poison. Why? Because she had suffered a double violation: she was raped by a man and then raped by the law of her land. She was forced to marry her violator.

Under Article 475 of Morocco’s Islamic penal code a rapist, even the rapist of a minor, can escape prosecution if he agrees to marry his victim. It’s a way, you see, of preserving the ‘honour’ of the violated woman’s family.

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