Monday, September 24, 2018

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Retail business owners need some form of cash management system to carry out their daily cash or debit/credit transactions. The two most commonly used cash management systems are the electronic cash registers and the modern computerized point of sale system (POS). Both these systems have their own advantages, and many retail merchants have either of these two cash management systems in their retail stores.

Cash registers are suitable for small businesses where more advanced features are not required. Cash registers help in storing money in a safe and secure manner. One of the main reasons... Read More

A paradoxical trend

Just like cars, electrical devices are increasingly energy-efficient and need less power to work normally. A modern fridge needs a lot less electricity than its ancestor from the 1950’s. Yet the list of domestic appliances is much longer today than it used to be 60 years ago. Fridge, oven, micro wave, television, computers, smartphones, video game console and so forth. The amount of power required by all house appliances nowadays has nothing in common with the standards that prevailed only two decades ago. This microeconomic trend is of course confirmed in developed... Read More

Abano Terme (Pd), October 21, 2013 – Research by Fidia Farmaceutici, the leading company in the production and marketing of innovative products that have attained levels of excellence in the field of hyaluronic acid, has some new offers in store: Research & Development efforts carried out in the R&D laboratories located in Noto (Syracuse, Sicily), have enabled to study, identify and isolate a hyaluronidase with high enzymatic activity from a non-pathogenic microbial strain. Moreover, it has been possible to reproduce it by a recombinant pathway thanks to non-pathogenic microorganisms... Read More

When it comes to talk about online shopping websites, both eBay and Amazon are the first two names that come in everyone’s mind as both the websites are extremely popular on the web. More than 200 million people are using both these websites to purchase products online from the comfort of their home.

Along with having similarities between these two websites, there are a range of differences as well that one should consider. One of the major difference between these sites is Amazon is an online retail store, while eBay is an auction website. When you look for selecting a one platform... Read More

The two important terms, B2B and B2C are popularized by the WWW for commerce and eBusiness sales. B2B means one company is doing business with other company like manufacturers selling to distributors and wholesalers selling to retailers. In this type of business, pricing is based on number of orders. Talking about B2C, it is quite similar, but sellers have to target customer.

Actually, Business-to-Consumer refers to the online selling of products, services or information through companies to consumers for their own use. Difference between two types of business is not limited to their... Read More

Are you searching for the best solutions for ecommerce website? There are many different types of ecommerce books available in the market that gives instant solution to the ecommerce business. Several books are written on developing dynamic content for your ecommerce site. So, let’s see the list of some amazing ecommerce books:

Contagious by Jonah Berger

Click to Purchase This Book

Contagious is remarkable ecommerce books that clear all the doubts of reader regarding why certain stories get shared, videos go viral or emails get forwarded. Reading this book, readers can get a... Read More

The truth of the matter is that no one can deny that iPhone is not a brand, and a good one. In short, iPhone is one of the best and largely known brands in the world. The market has the same perception in the present times. iPhone accessories are flooded in the market and are making significant sales.

There must be a secret behind its success, which its competitors do not have a clue. What makes the brand fight to win in market battle besides the established one by other great smartphones? iPhone 6 will definitely fight its way in the market regardless the presence of iPhone 5 in the... Read More

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