Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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Water contamination is a pervasive issue these days. Industrial expansion has been blamed a lot for spread of contaminants in the water, but there is more to it. Not just industries, human habitations are also somewhat responsible for the marine pollution. Humans unknowingly throw their household waste in the nearby drainage systems which open up in rivers. Previously these drainage systems used to throw this polluted liquid directly into the sea or rivers they were connected to. All this together caused substantial amount of contamination.

To fight the situation several steps were taken.... Read More


In today's terminology, internet jobs are a lot of unmitigated unadulterated over rated load of poppycocking insular mind boggling waste of ad nauseam time nausea bull twangling hypocritical hazy silk screen filtered mish mash of shakedown quite frankly i've ever seen in my- "email us now, for your dream job"-life. Thousands of jobs await you, "wait you! how dare you leave this site, you have literally thousands of jobs at your fingertips. So many in fact your fingertips will be scorched with delight, your finger nails will self destruct in... Read More

Nowadays the use of inkjet printers is growing and it is completely normal to see that since prices for the Brother printers are constantly dropping. Even Brother ink cartridges are a lot cheaper than they used to be.

We can say that the main reason why these cartridges are preferred by so many printer buyers is the fact that Brother ink is of a high standard, no matter where you buy it from, as long as standards are respected during the manufacturing process. When you compare different cartridge types, you can see that Brother ink cartridges do make a difference.

The Best Brother... Read More

IKF Technologies Limited, a leading technology solution company headquartered in Kolkata will start trading on BSE from 13th June 2014 as per BSE notification no. 20140606-9 dated 6th June 2014.

IKF Technologies Ltd promotes IT, ITES. It was established in the year 2000 and is a Public Limited Company. It entered the spheres of Telecom in the year 2008. A fast-growing company, it has maintained leadership status in catalysing renaissance in Indian ITES/IT arena. IKF offers a complete package where customers receive software applications along with an opportunity to embolden their knowledgebase... Read More

A majority of families have set limits and guidelines that their kids and teenagers need to follow when using digital gadgets. Here is hoping that parents nowadays appreciate how important digital citizenship is just as potty training was important to them when their children were toddlers.

Articles on tips for cyber security, safety and bullying online are plenty. There are also so much you can read about what you must do when you happen to see abuse online or find yourself being victimized by a scammer or a cyber-criminal.

At present, a deluge of beneficial articles will assist... Read More

A survey conducted involving people’s reasons for finishing shopping online showed that 73% of respondents mentioned saving time as the main rationale. Online shopping can be very conveniently done with a smartphone or tablet which has made the method increasingly fast as an alternative way. One study projects e-commerce incomes grow more than twice from 2012 to 2018.

Identity theft being the most common consumer for 13 consecutive years according to Federal Trade Commission, people have good reason to be wary about giving their credit card numbers, addresses, and other personal data... Read More

As fresh graduates descend from the ivory tower (bearing their unstained diplomas), many will eventually encounter “real world” interactions for the very first time, and they run the risk of being eaten alive out there. Identity-connected scams, dark schemes and credit status traps litter the way to financial success. And for many of those new graduates who confidently say, “It will never to me,” get ready for you bubble to burst.

Information violations and the identity-theft crimes that arise from them have become realities in life, next only to death and taxes. But there are a few... Read More

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