Saturday, February 17, 2018

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As fresh graduates descend from the ivory tower (bearing their unstained diplomas), many will eventually encounter “real world” interactions for the very first time, and they run the risk of being eaten alive out there. Identity-connected scams, dark schemes and credit status traps litter the way to financial success. And for many of those new graduates who confidently say, “It will never to me,” get ready for you bubble to burst.

Information violations and the identity-theft crimes that arise from them have become realities in life, next only to death and taxes. But there are a few... Read More

That is one of the findings released recently in the “Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse” study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, which is considered the world’s biggest anti-fraud organization.

“You should never put the obligation on someone else to keep your surroundings neat,” said ACFE faculty member Evy Poumpouras, formerly an agent in the U.S. Secret Service. She stated that internal controls are deemed more significantly effective in exposing fraud as well as preventing it beforehand.

The report was based on examinations of 1,483 fraud... Read More

Describing Felicisimo Andrion as a typical fifth grader may actually offend him. This is made evident by the Windsor knotted tie he wears to school every day. He sports a techie D.J. look - button up and untucked collared shirt, dark jeans, sneakers, and black rimmed rectangular glasses.

Video games and technology are always on his mind. Felicisimo dreams of becoming a computer engineer, but he doesn’t want to work for anyone. He wants to be his own boss, taking on clients who need his expertise to build software and hardware for their companies and projects.

He already has a... Read More

These days, almost all adults in America have a mobile device. According to a resource on the internet, as of January 2014, 90% of American adults have a cell phone, 58% of American adults have a smart phone, 32% of American adults have an e-reader, and 42% of American adults have a tablet computer. However, the numbers seemingly will keep increasing from time to time as more people realize that a mobile device helps making their life easier. Actually, this happens because a modern mobile device has many interesting features and amongst the many interesting features, the followings are 4 top... Read More

Machines have taken over manpower since ages now. It makes work easier and cost efficient and less time consuming. We all know machines are available for us for each and every work of our daily household.

At Superior Vacuums, we care for the needs of our customers. There is an endless list of our customers and clients who talks about the responses for the best brands we have in store for them and the best of the service we are known for, for our customers and clients.

1. Superior Vacuums has various and best brands in store. Including the products from the British brand Dyson,... Read More


Look! I just wrote up a bit of nonsense and somehow the little thingy ma jig arrow got hooked on a tab or such and everything disappeared.

Doesn't it give you the absolute governments? I've got a memory like a fly just swatted. Pogo limping on one good leg but hops straight under the swatter again...still surviving. Follows the swat team wielder to the cupboard whereupon someone you thought was a friend and appreciates you blowing their meal and possibly 'mistakenly' wacked you in deference to one of the kids or an annoying husband. Whirls around with a can of... Read More

Give your home a futuristic update with these new technologies

Technology is a very apparent part of our lives and society today. People rarely leave home without their smart phone, not to mention all the technologies they use in the car and at their destination, work or play. Technology helps us be more efficient and makes our lives easier.

There is research in progress to develop “smart homes” with interactive walls, floors and ceilings, but most of us can’t exactly afford those extreme measures. However, you can afford some technologies in your home that will simplify and streamline... Read More

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