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Monday, January 23, 2017

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If you’re looking for all of the latest info on the Sony Xperia Z6, we’ve got the lowdown on what’s known so far about the upcoming handset. Although almost everybody was expecting Sony to unveil the new Z6 at the MWC 2016 event, instead the company launched a brand new range of handsets, the X series. If you’re a fan of Sony Xperia phones, it’s also worth noting that the X-series is now available for pre-order in the UK. But, if you’re hoping to get your hands on the Z6 when it finally arrives, here’s everything that you need to know.

When’s The Release Date?

Even though the... Read More

Most of the times Customers deal with .dll errors while setting up any software program on their Personal computer. Now we'll be speaking about the best way to correct one of the popular error in Microsoft windows which can be “Msvcp110.dll is misplaced from your computer“. Like said, Windows can show you a pop up box displaying this specific error message whilst you make an effort to install any specific software.

You must have seen an error box short while ago and that's why you are here. There is no rule when this particular error is going to arise. It might take place in the Start-up... Read More

The advantages of developing a website on Drupal are far-reaching. Many retailers globally have experienced the power of its out-of-the-box tools and features that help to create an outstanding website.

However, with the arrival of Drupal 8, the platform was completely revamped with over 200 features and enhancements. It offers a new suite of tools for your content supply chain and ability to interact with countless applications. Most importantly, it offers a whole new world of foreign languages to develop multilingual sites fast and easy.

Drupal 8 can be natively installed in... Read More

Today the variety of springs existing in the market is huge because of the diverse applications of these details. Regardless of the type of spring you need for your project or repair, manufacturers promise to provide you with the right spring. This article is dedicated to the compression springs, their types, and their most common applications.

Hourglass, conical, and barrel-shaped springs are used in a variety of applications which require a low solid height, lateral stability, or at least resistance to surging. Conical springs are most commonly designed so that each coil nests partially... Read More

STEM seems to be a very scary thought for a number of students and although most people claim that it is boring and tough, if done in the right way then STEM can be very beneficial for budding engineering students in a number of ways. STEM helps to develop a number of skills that will help budding engineers shape their careers in the right way. It also helps them prepare for the course in a more streamlined manner. IF you are still considering whether or not you should choose STEM, here are a few facts that will help you decide.

Here are the benefits of pursuing a STEM education:

... Read More

It's tragic that accidents on road are so common these days. But the worst part is, hurrying on road is a major cause behind these accidents. It is very important to maintain safety on roads, following speed limits, never to overtake, and never get distracted while driving. These are few safety measures that need to be taken to maintain safety on road.

It would have been really great if someone would have been always guiding us on road. So, here are five apps listed below that will always guide you on road and keep you safe.

#1. Cop Radar

This is one of the finest... Read More

Apple and Google have released the beta versions of iOS 10 and Android Nougat respectively, revealing what the new upgrades would include for both the user and the developer. Both OS updates will go live sometime in the latter half of 2016, approximately at the same time as the release of the hardware i.e. iPhone 7 and the new HTC Nexus models. While it still remains a question whether the new upgrade will be available on the current Android phones or not, the two beta versions are being compared for the feature updates and new functionality that they have managed to introduce. When iOS 10... Read More

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