Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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As technology marches on, quality usually improves. The computer you're reading this on, for example, is probably much higher quality (more performance, lighter, etc.) than your last one—and cost you less money. But strangely, the quality of digital audio and video seems to be decreasing.

But what about my new HD TV and Blu-Ray player, you ask? True, the video and audio quality in DVD players, audio receivers, and the like continues to increase. But how often do you experience that higher quality? If you're like me, not very often. These days, more often than not I find... Read More

UBIEE Projects of Major Importance 1-The UBIEE PowerPill for which we now have “Governmental Certified Credentials” that allow us to really push some doors and say “we really do have a solution to emission problems and this has been tested and verified under very strict norms. 2. The UBIEE ENVIRO Project and Contributional Marketing was introduced to support the “sale of the PowerPills” but as it has evolved and become appreciated by the People, we have recognized that “it has become a very Powerful People Tool and a People Pay-out Module” because... Read More

I am slowly changing my email address over to this new system as I see great benefits from using the system. I would like to present you with my report after using this system, as a beta tester for quite some time, which is mentioned in my report below. I also want to add, this system is not free as it does come, with a small fee and I also need to add that there is no financial reward for myself, in sharing this report, as this company, does not have an affiliate rewards system as such, however I will share more about the company goals and mission statements, if requested, in a future, publication.... Read More

The first portable phones were the size of a small suitcase. Today, a mobile can be held in a closed fist, or even located in a tooth. The price has come to a level that almost everyone can afford, and everywhere you go, addicted individuals have mobiles attached to their ears, or are doubled over texting messages to other addicts.

The phone has the power to take precedence over real people. Watch how everyone responds to the ringing of a phone, and watch the same people respond to a call from the people around them. A house can be on fire, and you will see people texting or talking... Read More

You've probably seen your neighbor doing it recently, or at least heard about it somewhere. It's called clicker training and it refers to using a clicking device to train animals. The clicker is a handy little tool that animal behaviorists and trainers alike are realizing is a more healthy and effective way to teach our pets. Clicker training is based on many things but one of the fundamental elements is “Operant Conditioning." When an animal intentionally performs a behavior in order to bring about a desired consequence, as clicker trained animals do, they are learning in a way... Read More

Remember in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s when banning smoking on flights became the hot topic with airlines. Once this was enforced and you heard the ‘ding’ of the no-smoking sign, you were free to enjoy the rest of your smoke free flight. Which meant people either read a book, a magazine, watched the in-flight movie, used their earphones for music, or simply took a nap.

Well that is about to change this year. Cell phones and the Internet are officially being used on international flights in several countries and looking to be approved here in... Read More

If you happen to be looking at the sky tonight at about 7.26 p.m. pacific standard time, the moon will turn into a psychedelic red-orange color with hints of turquoise.

So if it's a clear night with no clouds, by all means get out of the house (if you are on the freeway don't get into any accidents) and indulge in the beauty of this rare universe moment called a "full moon eclipse" because the next one won't be visible till December 2010.

Here's the code behind the magic (from the bits and pieces I read): The "total eclipse" occurs when a full moon moves in the earth's shadow... Read More

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