Saturday, January 19, 2019

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In Part I of this two part series, I discussed how to find a date, how to perfect your online profile and discussion topics. In this part, I want to discuss relationships and how to succeed in one. Once you have conquered the dating scene, how do you inspire the person who has sparked your interest in a relationship to want the same? That can be the hardest stepping stone for those who always seem to date, but never find a partner. Why is that? There are many reasons that can factor into that. You may be giving off signals that say you're too needy or desperate for a healthy relationship... Read More

Each person has different feelings about the way they like to be kissed. A general rule for the first kiss is to be soft and brush his / her lips gently, without thrusting your tongue into your partner's mouth as if you were playing tonsil hockey. Once you are in a relationship, go outside your comfort zone and ask your partner what he / she thinks would be the perfect kiss. For many women and men as well, it's important to set the mood for the perfect kiss. While rushing your loved one into a heated kiss when you first walk in the door after work can be very stimulating and arousing, using... Read More

The following dishes were served to me: "A Taste to Reconsider"- Before Meal Sake "My Friends Want You to Know My Net Worth" - Gravy "I am More Fun When I am Drunkâ" - Dessert If you live in Los Angeles and have no plans to visit your family out of state for the holidays you have two choices; complete isolation or put yourself out there to see what the city has to offer. I choose the later for Thanksgiving.

I asked my friends and co-workers what their plans were and received five invites. I attended two and teetered on a third. I had great time. I met new people. I ate, drank and... Read More

Every time the phone rings, our heart jumps with joyous celebration. A night or day on the town with them becomes a celebration of time well invested. Each passing day we get to know them with deeper understanding, we celebrate their wondrous qualities. These qualities endear them to us, and we eventually make a decision to keep them in our lives permanently, because they have so many fundamentally important attributes we hold dear. During this time, we overlook certain things that seem trivial. If something bothers us, it's quickly forgotten and forgiven. We focus on all of the positive... Read More

"Relationship" - for some that word stirs up fears of commitment and for others it conjures up the idea of ever lasting love. For many on the dating scene "ever lasting love" is their ultimate goal but how do you find someone to go on a date with and once you do how do you go from date to relationship? While the person you're dating may be looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, they may not be looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right now, meaning pull in the reins and go a little slower. But let's start at the beginning instead of jumping straight to the finish line. Let's get back to the basics. To get... Read More

"Find your soul mate here"; "Take this for instant pleasure"; "Live hot action"

Claims like these should come with a disclaimer. As entertaining as it is sometimes to hear the long list of side effects associated with taking a prescription drug, it makes you realize there is a certain amount of risk involved in just about everything we do. If risk is unavoidable, why are we in such a hurry to find someone, figure them out and then determine if they are "the one" or not? Love and relationships are not pre-packaged material items we can buy to serve our immediate needs and wants. Treating... Read More

The word is used for minor things such as "I love this song!" or the more serious "I love you" in a romance. You can feel it for your mom, your cat, your brother and your girlfriend, but does that mean it's all the same thing? Does time affect it? Can there really be love at first sight or can you not know real love until you've been together for 80 years. Love is a tricky concept indeed. Love is even more complicated when relationship scientists try to define it and dissect what it means to be in love. Older views include attachment theories (love is based on the relationship you've had... Read More

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