Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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The global shift to the right has resulted in governments of countries trying to run themselves like corporations; Dubai and Singapore are examples that come to mind. Privatization, less government, less taxes, and less social benefits are in fashion. And yet some governments are on the verge of bankruptcy, if not broke already. Is this due to the cause of “more government” or the effect of “less government”? Let’s look at these two entities a bit closer…

A corporation is organized to run an economic activity that provides a return to its shareholders. Beyond this important but narrow... Read More

The International Women's Media Foundation has honored 3 women journalists who risked their lives to cover the news in their homelands of Iran, Mexico and Thailand with the Courage in Journalism Awards. A fourth award, the Lifetime Achievement Award was given to the BBC's Kate Adie. Katie in her job has covered the news from Afghanistan, the Tiananmen Square protests, the war in Bosnia, has slept in graves, has been shot in the elbow and still has shrapnel in her foot [the Huffington Post.]

“We are proud to recognize these brave women, who endure the most incredible trials to... Read More

The hactivist group Anonymous, which has been responsible for taking down a number of large websites in the past months, has released a statement that provides that they will take down Fox News' Websites because of Foxs' propaganda efforts against the Occupy Wall Street movement. This comes on the heals of the recent hacking of the Twitter feeds of both Fox News and NBC News.

Anonymous released a YouTube video on October 22 Anonymous describes Fox News' repeated use of certain words such as "filthy", "disgusting" and "dirty" to denounce the protesters and states they... Read More

The pictures are grim, bloody and depressing, the final stages in the life of the Arab world's longest standing dictator. I never thought I could ever have any sympathy for Mummar Gaddafi, but now I do, seeing him treated like that, brutalised by a mob that could not resist taking trophy pictures on their phones, capturing the moment, capturing history, blood to be savoured at leisure.

And those who did not see his end and that of his son Mutassin have been able to queue up in Misrata, children included, to have a look at the remains, masks courteously provided to ward of the stink... Read More

Anonymous, a hacker collective that aligned itself with Occupy Wall Street protests has leaked information that it stole from four police and government websites today. [Venture Beat]

More than 600 MB of data from the International Association of Chief of Police, or IACP, was released, according to a press release from Anonymous. The group released information that included internal documents, membership rosters, home addresses, passwords, social security numbers.

Anonymous released 1000 names, ranks, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers from the Alabama law... Read More

What is secular cult of the Jew? Haggling. What is his secular god? Money. Well then, emancipation from haggling and money, from practical, real Judaism would be self-emancipation of our age. The Jew is perpetually created by civil society from its own entrails.

Who do you think wrote that? Perhaps if I tell you that the author also referred to a another writer, one he did not like, as a ‘Nigger Jew’ you might have a better idea. Adolf Hitler, do you think, something possibly lifted from Mein Kampf? Or perhaps it was the delightful Julius Streicher, expressing himself freely in the pages... Read More

There he is, the voice of that new phenomena - Noam Chomsky, the voice of anti-capitalist, anti-business America; the voice of the huddled masses yearning for public doles. Yes, he is the old symptom of a new disease.

Insofar as the benighted Chomsky can be identified with anarchism, he shares the same intellectual confusion of others who fall into this category; people like Emma Goldman, who was seemingly unable to distinguish between democracy and fascism.

According to the view Chomsky puts forward in American Power and the New Mandarins, the United States, his own homeland,... Read More

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