Friday, January 19, 2018

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The news started as a simple discussion and has now reached a much larger audience. Certain American evangelists believe a Qur’an should be burnt next 9/11. This is the intention of pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center; a fundamentalist church located in Florida. The pastor wants that a Qur’an be burnt in public in-protest against what he calls the ‘evils’ of Islam.

This pushed General David Petraeus to react. In an announcement, the commander of the military forces in Afghanistan insists that the burning of Muslim’s Holy Book would cause unnecessary trouble to the American troops... Read More

On September 11th, 2010, a Gainsville, Florida church will burn copies of the Quran in a hate fest aimed at garnering attention for their small, never heard of before congregation. The Dove World Outreach Center has ignored pleas by none other than General David Petraeus to refrain from the book burning ceremony due to the danger it could cause for American troops abroad.

No one outside of a five mile radius of the church had ever heard of Terry Jones or his hate machine churning in the Florida heat until his internet announcement and claims that the Quranis the book of the devil. Suddenly... Read More

On September 21, 2010, BloggersUnite is hosting a blogging event in support of this Day of World Peace. Established in 1981 in order to coincide with the opening day of the General Assembly of The United Nations, the resolution is a shared day of peace and cease-fire, a day of opportunity.

Imagine, one whole International Day of Peace. "Remarkable, when we have three hundred sixty-five days in a year, that we only use one of them for peace. What does this say about human beings"? It means we have failed and failed miserably. What is wrong with us that we claim to strive for peace, yet... Read More

Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong wrote this song, sung by Edwin Starr. This is a protest song about the Vietnam War, although it makes a broader statement of the need for peace and harmony in our everyday lives. Never has it been as obvious and appropriate as it is today. The last U.S. combat brigade leaves Iraq. In many ways this war compares to the Vietnam war. (58,196 American casualties in Vietnam/ 31,907 casualties in Iraq)

Americans have grown weary of hearing about how we’re spending billions to fix Iraq’s broken democracy and Afghanistan’s non-existent government when we are... Read More

An international group of leading politicians, business and thought leaders have formed a new group called “Friends of Israel Initiative”. As the name suggests, the purpose of the group is to support Israel. The support for Israel is different than what one would expect. Its stated goal is to bring reason and decency back to the discussion of Israel which in some circles is considered a pariah.

The group is composed of prominent individuals from both western democracies and third world countries. The list includes leaders from the U.S. (John Bolton, former ambassador to the United Nations... Read More

The feminist victory may be complete in America, but on the international stage it's near defeat with three quarters of the world’s women still under often severe male domination. Afghanistan is a case in point in what might be termed the first feminist war…a war that may not be won even if Hillary Clinton dons a flack jacket and shoulders an M16 on the front lines.

I say that since there has yet to be a credible explanation as to why we, and other NATO nations, are there, except to keep the extreme male chauvinist Muslim Taliban from power. The idea of a synonymous linkage between the... Read More

In a New York court room Monday, a Pakistani-born U.S. citizen, the “Times Square Bomber” pleaded guilty to a 10 count indictment that included a charge to use a weapon of mass destruction. Usually, there is a feeling of relief when someone who is guilty confesses to their criminal actions. This case however, left many with a shiver up the back. It was the latest example and maybe the clearest of the dangers America faces from seemingly normal citizens who have adopted a virulent form of Muslim beliefs and methods.

Faisal Shahzad, of Shelton, Connecticut described himself to the court... Read More

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