Monday, July 23, 2018

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the call of distant pipes listen

can you hear the mandolin gentle strum its melody drifting to the fire, we watch as moon light splinters the clouds and bounces onto golden flames

love circled by young hearts the gentle rustling of leaves on boughs natures perfume drifts as darkness enfolds the woods, this summers eve shadowing the castle walls

a raven calls as black as night, wings in flight venturing across the skies, you play to me sparks soar merging with the fire-flies my heart softened by the sound by earth itself

trembling hands we reach, as shooting stars... Read More

barely visible

letters adorn dusted yellowing parchment as stitches are divorced from fraying binders and leather bound covers are held by fragile pleated hands read by waxen glow his eyes opaque he struggles

words of writers embodied past times treasures as grandmother's necklace handed down

feelings etched from another mind another vision penned with quill from brighter eyes unaware who may read whose hands will touch the ink or turn the page

words of love... philosophy poetry pain a writers life once lived sharing deepest thoughts to be read again and again

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I Plunged into clear; whilst murky

slept beneath avoiding air bubbled skin bring boats; navigate the coast in search of me; my thoughts you won't recover yet I fear not breath in my lungs will expire soon, my last farewell to life and loves that I have known

yet there is peace floating washed; nudged in silence like your hand in darkness across a wavy bed for our fingers never held in love a Strike would find its way ~ as waves CraSH towards the shore in search of rest; the current pulled them back as I with you returned for insults; punishment

I lay with one last... Read More

Dust settles on antique oak, sleeping not disturbed how I wish that I could steal time from my hurried self

to sit amidst curtains of cotton cupboards of plates dust thats found its bed no destination - not be roused

doors slam shut - engines start the same day nine to five angry fists that wave but do not smile

the every day - I sleepwalk wishing for the 'dust time' to sit and gather thoughts when sunlight filters through smudged panes

and hits the back of chairs melts butter on the dish my words would spill like milk across the sun annointed tablecloth


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Deliberately with lucidity of purpose

Opening my eyes and essence to you

I feel you as a warm breeze caressing my spirit

Do not let fear inhibit your heart

I bring you prayers of your unconscious

Thoughts, desires, longings....

I have always been the justification

To all you have sought

The retreat you run to in the darkness

The safeguard to your soul

I am the light and motivation

Of God's breath in you

I am your journey now and always

May you live your truth....


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The cascading rivers, like tastefully aged wine.

Can a tree live without its roots?

Can a man be a husband without his wife?

How seductive, how beautiful, how divine

Can a bird fly without its wings?

Nay as I suspect, nay, for without it we can not find our rest.

Its benevolent scenery lodging deep within the eye's mind.

Shall a shadow survive without its contrastive light?

Nay, for we are mere figures in the night.

The life of Sebastian has followed us home , it would seem we've fallen at our own behest.

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Gaze into my eyes

Burning brightly

While I weave you a vision

Soft as cotton

Fragrant as jasmine

Pungent as pepper

Resplendent purple images

Fragile as a silken dandelion

Swaying in the cosmos

Of the wind...

This tapestry weaved

With the brush of our souls

The tears of our hearts

The cascade of our spirits

Imprinted with the colors

Emotions which are shared

The threads un-faded

Memories woven with resolve...

Tattooed moments of splendor

Dancing on the horizon

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

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