Friday, April 20, 2018

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Between 1789 and 1799, in a quiet developing corner of Europe, there was an uprising.

It was a period of radical, social and political upheaval that impacted on France and spread across Europe in the years that followed.

The French Revolution cast aside the absolute power of the monarchy that had ruled France for centuries in a sustained assault from radical left wing political groups and activists. Old fashioned concepts of monarchy, aristocracy, religion, class and culture were revisited, refined, and redefined as a new period of Enlightenment shook the very foundations of France... Read More

You’ve heard it before...during Reagan; under Bush the elder; with Clinton though slightly muted and then loudly, smugly with Bush the younger. You have seen it from Obama-the glinting of eye,the steeling of jaw...then slowly because like it or not Dirty Harry was relevant,” We don’t negotiate with terrorists.” A pause and then for emphasis, “W.E. D.O.N.’T N.E.G.O.T.I.A.T.E W.I.T.H. T.E.R.R.O.R.I.S.T.S.”It seems so firm a stance-the type from which you can pretend nobility and exude a carefree toughness. And when applied to brown skin men and women whose names you can’t be bothered to pronounce...Who... Read More

It rolls around every September-a college athlete in trouble for taking gifts, selling jersey’s with their number or their autograph. And every year without fail the hand wringers and apologists sing their craven songs-excuses and rationales offered without irony or shame. This is not that conversation nor a critique of it...this is about how those billions of dollars only serve to highlight where the commitment to education is in this country today.

We argue whether athletes should be paid to play a game that enriches a few but never seem to find a voice or words about how students-who... Read More

So this is where we are...charities who feed the homeless in Raleigh n.c. threatened with arrest....Unemployed people who have been so for more than 26 weeks and who as a statistical matter are older left on their own and in truth left for dead by a media that would rather focus on the meaning and consequence of strip club rappers and a has been Disney pop singer’s performance at a music awards show broadcast oddly enough on a network no longer known for music.We wage war on poor people.We prey on the young with student loans tied to interest rates that would make the mafia embarrassed.We... Read More

I write this blog for reasons other than living a life where people refuse to live and let live, I mean in real life, if someone wants to have sex with a Sheep, I won’t be best pleased about it, but who am I to judge, just an example by the way

Who do some people think they are by judging others, especially from afar, are some people perfect? I say ALL THE TIME I will always take opinions onboard, allow opinions, because I sure as hell don’t know it all, so neither does anyone. I have a family member, I call it the “Double Glazing Effect” They got double glazing windows then they felt... Read More

The news today in the UK where teenager Hannah Smith was bullied on a social network before she took her own life struck a cord with many parents.

It was tragic and shows that adults must keep an eye on our kids and make sure they are not on the end of this. How hurtful must it have been for Hannah and all the other people who have taken their own life due to nasty words by perfect people (Yeah) over cyber bullying.

I was party to this abuse 2 years ago on Twitter, but I am a big boy who laughed it off and made sure people knew the limits and who I was. I was getting it in the... Read More

Justice is a funny thing in America and the reaction to both its execution and lack thereof make for strange bedfellows. It is quaint and almost charmingly naive to listen to white people when they talk about justice in America.

In part I think because white people rarely have to think about their "whiteness" they make assumptions about the world that can only come from not having to think about the color of their skin, the sound of their name, the position of their hands or the choice of theirof clothing.

For people of color however justice is a "crap shoot" most of the time... Read More

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Very emotional post, in fact. Personally I don't understand why so many students brings guns, knives to schools. Sometimes they squander study time because they don't like teachers, can't find a common language with them or afraid of some college assignments...

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