Saturday, January 19, 2019

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Some judge the decay of a society by many criteria:roads and infrastructure,education,acess,Infant mortality,

poverty, and equality.

Some judge a policy by its outcomes or its shortcomings; by its short term effects; its long term sustainability or its moral center.

We seem not to apply the same criteria to capitalism - rarely if ever do we mention the morality of it or its lack thereof.

As the economic downturn has become for many a permanent depression and an opportunity by some to declare war on the poor and middle class (is there still such a thing in America... Read More

The police are out of control. I have been of the mindset that this is something that just happened, but I now have to face the distinct possibility that it has been going on all along, and that the advent of better video technology and availability is simply showing us something that has always been present.

Not all police officers are negligent in the performance of their duties, but the blue code of silence makes all of them culpable since all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do or say nothing. I know well the label any officer will get for speaking out, but also... Read More

There are many objectionable things that currently litter the American Political

Landscape but almost without exception you can count on the train whistle roar

That some refuse to stop ringing as they look to ramp up for one more war.

As the Ukraine was in the midst of a factional uprising against a government

they no longer wanted and with the prospect that Ukraine might very well

align itself closer to the European Union and therefore the West ,Validmir Putin,

sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning decided that he was going to

invade... Read More

[That’s just the way God works]

So said Mayor Bloomberg when speaking about an article in the NY times about a homeless girl...It could just as well be the mantra for the House and Senate when speaking about the poor and unemployed.

** How much is enough? How much suffering can be ignored... can be allowed to fester -the ruinous pus pushed through the arteries and veins of the body politic.We sit now in the crunch of the holiday season-the buying, the eating, grand displays of avidity and privilege on display. The smirk... Read More

There was a time when being a police officer commanded respect from the public…because officers conducted themselves with professionalism, and gave respect to those they have sworn to serve. Yes, there was a time, but that time has long since passed. Now we live in an age where the police are reviled because they have no respect for anyone but themselves, and act like criminals.

To say I’m angry would be a gross understatement. I’m so angry that I’m physically sick. As a father of four young men, I can’t imagine the grief Ron Thomas is feeling at having to hear the screams of his son,... Read More

The (Revised) New Year Honours List


Whilst the rest of the world slowly awakens to 2014 a gathering storm looks likely to break out in the United Kingdom over the recent annual New Years Honours List. Were you passed over again? Or were you deliberately ignored? Perhaps you were just forgotten in the mad scramble by the authorities to make sure all the current and most watchable celebrities were awarded for being ... err ... the current and most watchable celebrities this year!

Indeed, every year our Sovereign bestows honours on selected members of the population and... Read More

By now it should be well known, my outlook on how we are given what passes as “news” these days. I think there is too much propaganda and partisan agendas being injected in what should be objective reporting. It’s just my opinion, but much of what they are calling news just isn’t newsworthy to me. Recently I was given a newspaper (cause I’ll be damned if I spend my hard-earned money on any of these rags) and on the front page, the most important and meaningful bit of information this paper had to offer, was a trade and speculation about the effects of it on that nights sports event. Umm...what?

... Read More

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