Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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Written, Directed and Produced by Tyler Perry

I’m pretty sure that if I ever ran into Tyler Perry and asked him why he titled this movie MADEA GOES TO JAIL when she actually spends a relatively short amount of the movie’s 103 minutes in jail he would most likely answer: “Well, I never said she would spend the whole movie in jail.” Which actually would be a pretty reasonable answer. Madea does go to jail and she does raise her unique brand of hell while she’s there. But the movie... Read More

2005Warner Bros.Directed by Tim Burton and Mike JohnsonProduced by Tim Burton and Allison AbbateWritten by John August, Pamela Pettler and Caroline ThompsonThere’s only two types of filmmakers that would do a stop-motion animation film these days: one who is either insanely patient or one who has a genuine and deep love for the art form. Most animation is done on computers these days and stop-motion animation just simply isn’t done any more because…well, let’s put it this way: you don’t do a stop motion animated film if you’re in a rush. Simply put... Read More


Universal Pictures

Directed by Robert Mulligan

Produced by Walter Mirisch and Morton Gottlieb

Written by Bernard Slade based on his play

Romantic comedies are most definitely not my favorite genre of movie when I sit down to be entertained by a movie. I’d rather go get a tooth pulled than have to sit through anything resembling a romantic comedy (unless it stars Sandra Bullock and then I make an exception) because when you talk about predictable story and overwrought acting, that’s the genre that specializes in that kinda... Read More


Fox Searchlight Pictures/Warner Bros.

Directed by Danny Boyle

Produced by Christian Colson

Screenplay by Simon Beaufoy

Based on the novel “Q&A” by Vikas Swarup

Danny Boyle is a director whose work I’ve been following with a great deal of interest. Where a lot of today’s directors find themselves a comfortably commercial niche and stake out their territory in a particular genre, Danny Boyle seems determined to go the opposite route and not let himself get locked into doing just one type of film. He’s... Read More




Produced by William S. Gilmore

Directed by Ralph Nelson

Screenplay by Ralph Nelson and James Graham

Based on a novel by James Graham

Back in the 60’s and 70’s there was a sub-genre of the western that had these elements: a group of American outlaws/mercenaries/rogues would find themselves in Mexico or South America at the turn of the century and get involved in what amounted to a suicide mission that circumstances forced them to accept. There’s usually a huge amount of money waiting for... Read More

Okay, I'd say that I'm pretty open-minded. I support gay rights, I beleive in a woman's right to choose and all that so, whatevs. What I'm having a hard time accepting is this documentary. it's not that i'm not all for having sex with synthetic materials, but the emotional attachment that comes along with this is mind-boggling.

Imagine if you were socailly incapable of having a romantic relationship, or even dating for that matter. I'm sure thinking about that doesn't bring great feelings to mind. Now imagine you hear of a small company in California that has created a product call "Real... Read More



20th Century Fox

Directed by Peter Yates

Written by Tom Mankiewicz and Stephen Manes

Produced by Joseph R. Barbera

One of the reasons I love cable/satellite stations like Fox Movie Channel and Turner Classic Movies among others is that they show movies I haven’t seen for 10 or 20 years and have usually forgotten (even though The Wife makes a nice little bundle on the side betting people that there hasn’t been a movie I’ve seen that I’ve forgotten) or ignored for one reason... Read More

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