Friday, July 20, 2018

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Most of the other PhD’s I worked around were unbelievably brilliant but lacked, shall we say, common sense or any social graces. I used to say that they may have discover the hole in the ozone, but they couldn’t cross the street because they would get hit by a bus. My PhD friend had three grown children, and at the time my son was young so we often talked about parenting dilemmas and such as we ate lunch together.

I could never figure out why she was being so generous with her time in spending it with me. In retrospect, she may not have had a lot of choice. At that point in my life,... Read More

I am thinking of an afternoon under the tree in the front yard at 5916 east 24 street Indianapolis, looking for acorns in the grass with you. Seem to recall we were in “quiet time” required for us in the summer but can’t remember why except it was dad-imposed and mom enforced - sort of.

Then there is the afternoon in Kings Park, Long Island when we were little. You and I were at the bottom of the hill messing around an old vacant house down the street, when we heard dad yell from the top of the hill as he stood there angry and tall as a tree. As we both looked up, we knew that... Read More

A cold memory I let enter my head

A memory I tried hard to forget

The cramps in my stomach get worse

They hurt so badly I force air into my lungs

I walk down my block it feels like miles

I turn up the street and sit in my favorite seat

the spot right under the tree

where everyone passing can see me

then the face of my past drives past

his face is looking ahead

the back seats of the car are taken

the windows are all open

I feel stupid

I feel like a freak

just sitting at the bottom of his... Read More

? Sitting on the sofa I managed to get a glimpse of the mirror hanging on the wall. A thin mirror surrounded with a gold border. A mirror that would change everything. Now you may say thats over exaggerating but I'll let you be the judge. What if a mirror can open your eyes. Not to just what's outside but what lies beneath the surface, what lies inside. What dwells inside me? What doors stay shut? The mirror opened the doors I tried to lock. It opened my eyes and let me peek into whats inside.

Staring at the mirror I couldn't see my reflection, the mirror was so far and the angel was... Read More

Thirty-two years ago, I was hugely, uncomfortably, 2-weeks-overdue pregnant. I looked like a broomstick that had swallowed a watermelon, as my father-in-law loved to remind me. I could sprawl on the couch, rest a plate on my belly, and eat dinner in a semi-reclining position.In fact, that's about all I could do.My daughter was born at 6:30 p.m. She was beautiful. So tiny. So perfect. I was terrified.Then I blinked.She walked onto the school bus like it was nothing, proudly wearing her kindergarten name tag. I could just see the top of her head as her little hand waved from the window. I blinked... Read More

All was not lost in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend. There were certainly many disappointed Wahoo fans who watched their beloved Virginia Cavalier’s fall hard on the football field to the Miami Hurricanes by 52 – 17. The loss all but ended the team’s hopes for a bowl bid and further jeopardized Al Groh’s future as the head coach.

One of the most historic and cherished areas of UVA by students and alums is the Lawn which spreads out before Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda. In this magical place on Saturday afternoon a wonderful sight took place as 2 young UVA alums came back to... Read More

The cold air hits my cheek. i look around. Not a dry eye. except mine. Why can't i cry? Why can't i shed a tear for all those who died? No matter how tragic or sad my eyes don't give in. My eyes are selfish they keep all the pain inside. They don't let me express how i feel, they never do. We walk towards the place they slept. Some girls were weeping the whole walk there. I don't know why it bothered me so much, I was jealous, I wanted to make them stop, make them stop rubbing it in my face that they know how to cry. I tried to ignore it. tried to push out some tears but nothing came. darn.

... Read More

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