Friday, March 23, 2018

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I like to think of myself as someone who acknowledges trends but is not ruled by them. For example, I know the 1980's are back in fashion, but I didn't tease my bangs the first time around, so it's even less likely to happen now. And yes, pegged pants make your (and my) butt look big. Speaking of which, if you're reading this and are American there is a greater than 65% chance that your butt is actually big. The obesity epidemic is saturated with duplicity. Fat people lie about how much they eat, diet gurus "fudge" the facts about how much people can actually lose and food makers spin... Read More

The beginning of the year is a time when many people's thoughts turn to self-improvement. For most of us this means eating better, committing to finally working out, or finishing that novel. But for some, this means a new nose or bigger breasts. And increasingly the segment of the population considering cosmetic surgery is under the age of eighteen. A few weeks ago I came across a young adult novel about cosmetic surgery. The heroine was only sixteen. She had already had one procedure and was considering another. I was disturbed by the idea that this was a subject that needed to be dealt... Read More

In an industry where you are judged primarily on your looks and your age, plastic surgery is almost mandatory for any age group. It's becoming just as important in the corporate world, too. Artists and executives are more likely to get hired if they appear young, trim and attractive. A nip here, a tuck there and you're good to go. But what happens when something goes terribly wrong? We've seen some very odd sightings both on the streets of LA and on the covers of various supermarket tabloids. Burt Reynolds and Farrah Fawcett seem to have their skin pulled so tightly that their faces are... Read More

I had no idea that Diane was psychic, so I was naturally interesting in hearing more. She went on to say, "A new study suggested that women are 60% more likely to dress sexy when they are ovulating." Wow! I wasn't prepared to hear that. My own wardrobe decisions are usually based on the weather and who I am seeing for the day. Could I subconsciously be making the same decision too? I would not be too surprised if the answer was yes. As a woman, I have experienced and caught myself doing strange things as I have grown older. I have compared notes with my girlfriends who are in my age bracket... Read More

If you've ever experiencing a break up, a death, or any form of rejection from a loved one, you've been all too familiar with heartache. That empty pit feeling in your chest arises and begins to ache. You're not completely sure if it's real or not. You've heard the term broken heart all too often, but could it be even possible that something really is broken and aching? Yes. Emotional pain does in indeed have real physical effects. An UCLA study conducted brain scans which showed that two of the same brain regions that are activated by physical pain are also activated by social exclusion.... Read More

This just in - throw away your Spinach!! Bodybuilders everywhere are rushing home to their refrigerators to empty all those bags of leafy greens. It appears even the healthiest food can pose a danger to Americans these days. The latest news on this week's E. Coli outbreak is that it is being linked to a California spinach processor, Natural Selection Foods LLC. So far over 100 people have fallen sick in this fatal outbreak. It is generally recommended to dispose of all bagged spinach, and this author recommends you take extra precaution by ditching lettuce, cabbage, and shredded carrots,... Read More

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