Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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Many people embark on a fitness program with a goal in mind. The goal might be weight loss (the most popular), to increase endurance, train for competition, or simply better overall health. How many times have you heard friends or family say something along the lines of "I'm on a diet and I did really well today. I had a "skinny" shake for breakfast, another for lunch, and cheese, crackers, with soup for dinner." The next day, the same person trys to walk or run 2 or 3 miles and proclaims "BOY! I'm so tired!" The so called diet isn't doing that body any good. There is inadequate fuel to feed... Read More

Recent government and independent industry research studies have established that lots of thousands of Us citizens waste their very own lives each year in alcohol consumption and illegal drug connected fatalities, such as use of prohibited drugs and misuse of prescription medications.As outlined by the U . S . federal government study completed in 2001, approximately 75,000 Americans perish every year from health issues induced by unneccessary use of alcohol. Moreover, almost 41,000 more perish in car crashes and from some other crashes related to drinking. The investigation uncovered a large... Read More

Substance abuse has become the destroyer of several aspects of life, from family relationships to work to common daily functions. The dependence developed to the drug is devastating, though not just for your brain. While scientific research continues to increase knowledge of exactly how a substance comes to be a real crutch, researchers are likewise locating a lot more evidence of the dangerous results of chronic and experimental addiction on our bodies, which results in considerable health issues to the user.Central Nervous SystemThe nerve fibres can be likened to the control system of your... Read More

The very first days and months of dependency treatment are generally stimulating and difficult for the abuser not to mention their relatives. Once the abuser confesses they have a problem, and become eager to get help and change their behavior, a process of dedication and great treatment starts. Your own cooperation in the addict’s recovery can also add to their success. Being the member of the family of the recently recuperating addict, it is important to bear in mind your own life has been stricken dramatically by the addict as well as their own habits. This addict’s own life is shifting... Read More

Lu Writes is a column devoted to Cultural Psychology which looks at human experience as a matter of interaction between the world and the self.

Dr. George Boeree, a retired professor who taught personality theories (among other things) at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, defines this theory on his Social Psychology Basics page. He writes:

“Social Psychology, at its simplest, the world gives us events; we in turn give those events meaning by interpreting and acting upon them.”

Topics that fall under this umbrella make for great “water-cooler-gab” in the office. Subjects... Read More

Cannabis has always been a controversial drug, especially after it was declared illegal in the United States. This law perverted people from realizing the medicinal benefits that this drug offers. However, over the last 15 years people have started realizing the extraordinary medicinal value of marijuana and have started using it to treat a wide variety of health issues. But because of the ill effects that marijuana and other medical cannabis products have on health, this drug is currently only available by prescription from a licensed doctor. Some of the most common ailments that can be treated... Read More

Working as a registered nurse in western medicine was my career choice for over 22 years, i am now retired and recovering from some medically induced issues. A synopsis of my story, I was adopted by abusive parents, I began eating as a way of escaping my emotions and pain, I became severly depressed, was given antidepressants, I was so fat that I was given huge amounts, I began to lose weight, but the dose never came down like my weight, so my body reacted to the high doses of antidepressants by having a manic episode.

I was diagnosed as bipolar, after only one event of mania, and after... Read More

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