Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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MolMed, new data presented at the European Cancer Congress show a statistically significant increase in survival of patients suffering from soft tissue sarcomas treated with NGR-hTNF.

MolMed S.p.A. (MLM.MI) presented at the European Cancer Congress 2013 (ECCO-ESMO-ESTRO), in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), additional data from an ongoing randomized Phase II study evaluating safety and efficacy of its investigational drug NGR-hTNF on patients suffering from soft tissue sarcomas. Data show the impact of the weekly administration of NGR-hTNF at low doses (0,8?g/sqm) in combination with doxorubicin.

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MolMed S.p.A. (MLM.MI) will present further data on the efficacy of its investigational drug NGR-hTNF in combination with doxorubicin in soft tissue sarcomas, tomorrow at the European Cancer Congress 2013 (ECCO-ESMO-ESTRO) taking place in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) from September 27th to October 1st 2013.

Dr Emanuela Palmerini from the Istituto ortopedico Rizzoli (Bologna) will give an oral presentation titled “NGR-hTNF given at low dose or high dose with or without doxorubicin in soft-tissue sarcomas” at 9:12 of Tuesday, October the 1st 2013 in the section “Sarcomas: soft tissues and... Read More

MolMed Shareholders’ Meeting confirms the appointment of a Member of the Board and approves Measures to be adopted pursuant to Article 2446 of the Italian Civil Code. Meeting of the Board of Directors: Professor Riccardo Cortese appointed as member of the Remuneration committee.

Shareholders’ Meeting

The Shareholders’ Meeting of MolMed S.p.A. (MLM.MI), chaired by Professor Claudio Bordignon, met today to resolve upon the items of the agenda.

Item 1 of the Ordinary part: proposal of confirmation of a Member of the Board of Directors, appointed pursuant to Article 2386 of... Read More

Most people go to their G.P. for a physical once a year, make an appointment with a dentist to check for tooth decay but who ever thinks to have someone check up on their mental health?

While reading this suggestion, some people will confidently laugh off the implication that there might be something wrong with their mental health, others might nervously skim the rest of this post. This question is far from ridiculous,though. Have you taken a good look around lately? What do you see and hear?

The whole atmosphere of modern society is stressful because people are anxious about... Read More

MolMed S.p.A. (MLM.MI) announces today receipt of the official notification from the European Patent Office of the decision to grant a patent covering the therapeutic use of its investigational anticancer drug NGR-hTNF at low doses. The grant will take effect on the 2nd of October 2013, when it will be published in the European Patent Bulletin.

The administration of NGR-hTNF at low doses is being investigated in a vast clinical program, including a Phase III trial in malignant pleural mesothelioma and several Phase II trials in colorectal, lung, liver and ovarian cancer, and soft tissue... Read More

It pains me to speak to friends and watch a nation called the “Beacon for freedom” and the “World’s Super Power” and discover 150+ people die each day because they don’t have insurance. The USA was once looked upon as the place to go; the American Dream was once the big thing, now you truly have to be asleep to see it

I speak to many, I research well, and this is the damning truth of a country now more interested in War and sending $Billions$ of dollars to mainly Muslim countries than helping its own people, anyone who can’t see it that way isn’t paying attention to what is happening... Read More

I was confused as well as repulsed; Cindy, a pretty young woman cut herself. It seemed completely inexplicable to me. Of course I recoiled from her. Interestingly soon after this encounter, one of my daughters broke her foot. Suddenly she attracted people who were eager to help her. I was struck by the contrasting reactions. Two women, both hurting, yet only one garnered sympathy.

Picture these two separate scenes.

In the first vignette, a smiling young woman with a cumbersome backpack, leans with both hands on a walker as she edges towards heavy doors leading to a lecture hall.... Read More

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