Friday, December 15, 2017

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What would I suggest to those in charge of keeping the status quo? Putting people in prisons, has not made a difference in crime other than possibly increasing it, sophisticating it, and running out of room in prisons to house, feed, and medically take care of inmates, who are not changing their behaviors that got them in prison or jail in the first place. So what can be done differently?

Here is what I see... the price of a six pack of cheap beer is about 5 dollars, a good movie is about 10 dollars and only lasts a little over an hour, an eighth of an ounce of marijuana is about 60... Read More

Marta worked at the same job for 17 years when she was suddenly laid off. Her co-worker Samantha was there for 10 years and got laid off the same day. Marta got up the very next day and started a job search--confident that something better would come along. Samantha was so depressed that she stayed in bed for a week.

What's the difference between Marta and Samantha? Marta has "The Rubber Ball Factor."

The Rubber Ball Factor, or resiliance is:

The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune; buoyancy. The property of a material that enables it to resume... Read More

Who hasn’t heard someone complain about how damp weather brings on sore bones and aching joints or maybe a flare up of an arthritic condition. Often dismissing it as a sign of old age. However, reports of the affects of weather on how a person feels as far back as 2,400 years ago by the Greeks. Additionally doctors during the civil war wrote about amputees complaining of pain in their missing limbs during weather changes. Turns out that maybe grandmother know what she was talking about. Doctors and researchers have been taking a closer look at the link between weather... Read More

It goes without saying that the current season should coerce us to have a brisk walk and a little step in our movements. We should be enjoying the sunny incidences and pronouncing joyful cheer to everyone who comes our way. Nature has a way of humbling us…remember those lovely hot days we enjoyed just a few weeks back, several of us may have muttered incoherrent rumblings about the hot spells and how it felt terrible to endure sun burn, heat rash and all those other bits that come with the hot weather. Then the pollen count started to rise, we hank…chewed and rushed to the... Read More

Life is an uphill hike, and if you think of the exercise as "good for you", you won't quit until you reach the top.

I like to meditate each day; usually about how and why bad things happen. What is a bad thing and when does it become good, or visa versa? When, how and why do good relationships turn sour?

I've been hiking these hills nearly four years. Every year its the same cycle of death and rebirth. What is lush and green slowly decays into something dry, beige and brittle. Soon enough, lightning strikes, winds blow, the stormy times arrive. Finally, the space that death... Read More

How common is a backache, or how many folks claim back injury.

As an urgent care nurse, the number of backaches as a chief complaint was stifling and a daily episode in our urgent care center.

The Doctors, Who merely did a pee test to rule out kidney involvement, a neurological exam to rule out disc involvement and ended up prescribing Ibuprofen in large doses till the back pain miraculously, hopefully disappeared on its own or the ibuprofen caused a gastric bleed, seemed helpless when it came to this epidemic yet too often dismissed ailment.

Well, it took... Read More

There was a time when a salon was a niche place where only the upper strata of the society would go to pamper their body and enhance their looks. Well that was a bygone era, these days we have spas and salons in every nook and corner; be it shopping malls or a local beauty salon everyone is offering spa services. But are these services actually benefiting you or damaging your body. The word Spa conjures up images of different types of massages, body wraps and baths. An ideal spa is supposed to work on soothing those fray nerves, releasing toxins from not just your body but also from your mind... Read More

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