Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Gravy should be thick, rich and delicious. And what could be better for a Sunday brunch than creamy, country gravy n’ biscuits. But for this revamped recipe zesty pork chorizo has been used in place of sausage, with the addition of hearty Stout.

The South is known for their wonderful biscuits and gravy, but here in San Jose, well, I’ve begun a new tradition with my family, and these are here to stay.

For this recipe, Mexican chorizo was used; a type of chorizo that lends more toward a slight vinegar flavor which makes for the desired gravy for this recipe.

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In the past, attempting to get my mother to tell me just what all went into making one of my favorite dishes I enjoyed while growing up at home, which were many, and how much she added of what, was more like having my teeth pulled without Novocain. Her answer was always the same, “Well, you know...a bit of this and some of that...a pinch, a handful, a spoonful, and taste it! Always taste what you are cooking.” So in order for me to learn how and what she did was to actually be there, in person, looking over her shoulder when she made it.

I gladly share this story with you so you may... Read More

The Rhubarb pie is a great-tasting pie, and many people are looking for the best rhubarb pie recipe. The recipe is actually quite easy, and the trick as with many of the other pies is in the crust. Making your own pie crust is a good idea as it makes the pie taste much better. You can also have it baked according to you your specifications for thickness and crunch.

Rhubarb actually has antioxidant properties and so is great for your health. These pies are healthy and great to consume. You family will also love a great homemade rhubarb pie. These instructions are easy to follow, and will... Read More

I don't think we can hide form the fact people are getting fatter, with fast food becoming ever more popular for it's fast and easy approach to battering hunger into submission, and of course the post war abolition of rationing opening the doors for convenience foods and the invention of the microwave oven meant that people could eat what they wanted, when they wanted, a good thing you might say? And in some respects I would agree, it paved the way for poorer families to eat better foods that were previously in accessible, and it allowed the busy working parent to whip up an occasional quick... Read More

In the past few years a British food renaissance has been quietly gathering pace, thanks in part to celebrity TV chefs championing our amazing array of produce, but also to the populous getting inspired to get cooking again. Food is never going to be like it was 50 years ago, back then people worked fewer hours and had more family time, and in most households the husband or wife would be at home looking after the house and children. Now of course with the economy the way it is we are all working harder and longer and for less money, so it is understandable that people opt for the easiest option,... Read More

There is no more welcome sight in this world to a road weary traveler than the sign on the side of the highway telling them that one of America's fast food burger chains is coming up at the next exit.

Scattered across the countryside, and in virtually every small, medium and large city in the United States, burger joints are the food of choice for those in a hurry, those on a budget, or just an aficionado of meat laden sandwiches.

Today we'll compare ten of America's best known burger franchises, looking for taste versus value.

Number 10. McDonald's

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As one of the nation's favorite comfort foods, pizza has become the staple of choice for Americans of all walks of life. Devoured by the millions during televised sporting events, the gooey concoction of cheese, meats and vegetables piled high on different types of pie crusts, has satisfied our hunger for generations. With the rise of national fast food pizza chains across the land, let's take a look at ten of them, comparing value for your money as well as taste.

Number 10. Chuck E. Cheese

A virtual carnival greets visitors as they enter a Chuck E. Cheese establishment. Parents... Read More

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