Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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Be it at an undergraduate level or in pursuing a postgraduate degree, here’s how the distance model of education can be your fuel, propelling your growth:

Edge of Technology: Recorded lectures, peer group interactions via forums, digital course content and more make for convenient ways to deliver learning online. Students stand to benefit from interactions with top-notch educationists and interact with fellow students. This closely mimics the life of a day-scholar. Regardless of your location, you can participate on a common platform.

Encouraging education Students’ enthusiasm... Read More

News is in the news. We have all heard about the fake news found on Facebook. We also cannot get away from President Trump’s accusations of biased, unprofessional journalists. In the past, we knew which news we could trust, and which news was suspect. Today, the topic is not so clear cut.

The internet provides us access to news from all over the world, almost instantaneously. Add in the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, and you have information overload available to us 24/7. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that all the information you find is true or accurate. No matter... Read More

Locating one’s IP address is very simple. To trace/locate the IP address of a website can be done easily by using the command console of the computer to ping the URL of the individual site. There are many reasons to locate an IP address. This article will take a look at some ways to locate the IP address.

What are some ways to locate your IP address?

There are two ways to locate your IP address, and these are mentioned below.

First Way:

First of all, one will need to open the command console of the computer. If the user is using a Mac, then this is called Terminal,... Read More

Ever wondered, "How to get Instagram followers easily?". Well, we will disclose the secret to you - we will tell you the smart and fast ways to increase your Instagram followers.

Google Keywords helps you in identifying the current trending Instagram topics like Jenner/Kardashian accounts or methods to enhance your instant followers. If you run into google search, you will possibly see many people saying how to get more followers instantly. When you go through most of them, you will realize that the general tips are:-

Usage of Hashtags - Using of #f4f or #followme is a... Read More

It is often said that the best things in life are free; like love, friendship and public Wi-Fi. But the fact of the matter is that free public Wi-Fi can significantly reduce data breach protection and open your computer up to digital incursion. If you own and operate a business, an employee could unwittingly endanger the privacy and security of your network by just logging on to their work email at the airport!

Surprised to hear this? You aren’t alone. Turns out that more than 60 percent of consumers think their information is safe when using public internet and only half of consumer... Read More

Similarly, the field of education can also benefit from the internet; here, we will discuss how the internet correlates with direct instruction and how it can be used as an effective method for direct instruction.

What is Direct Instruction?

Direct Instruction is a very effective and efficient teaching method that uses straightforward teaching techniques to teach specific skills to students. This Direct Instruction is also known as the teacher direct method: a teacher will stand in front of the classroom and present all the information on the subject in a clear, concise manner.... Read More

Managing a small business is no easy task; you have lots to do on a daily basis and above all reaching more and more customers in your locality is always on your mind and somehow you try to explore various new mediums to achieve it. Whether you run a coffee shop, a restaurant, a small dance school or car repair shop, a dental clinic or some kind of service, you are completely dependent on local customers and so, your approach must be local also to be found by the local people.

It’s always a challenge for small business owners to utilize the internet and the web to generate more leads... Read More

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