Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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Are afraid of getting old? If you are, what makes you more afraid, being old or looking old?

Yes, the majority of us want to look younger, and we are encouraged by the media and advertising to cross many personal lines to achieve that. Plus, most things that are promising you more youthful look don’t deliver on their promise.

However, I have great news for you today. That news is that how young you are is not determined by your physical appearance, but the state of your brain. And if there are fewer things to do about how you look, there are plenty about how to keep your brain... Read More

nterpersonal skills can help in a big way to help you grow in a professional and demanding environment. Many of us struggle with making an impact in our career. Having a clear understanding of important interpersonal skills can help us overcome challenging hurdles and storm ahead. Interpersonal skills are nothing but the skill set that helps effective communication amongst various individuals. These skills are critical to work efficiently at a workplace and will also help individuals to emerge as strong leaders. Here are the three important interpersonal skills to groom and how these can affect... Read More

Research says that most people will stop listening to your conference presentation after the first ten minutes of its delivery, until they are convinced that there is something for their interest. The reason is that most people don’t know the skills of how to give a speech in conference presentations and overcome their fear on how to do it. It is seen that probably 5 out of 10 conferences you sit in are either unnecessary or inefficiently run. So how do you make sure your conferences are productive and efficient? For this check out the tips given below:

1.To open a killer conference presentation... Read More

Looking for toddler educational activities that will help you show your child the actual fun side of learning. It includes from several playful experiments to various activities and many more subjects have been covered through these educational activities. These educational activities for kids learning in the real world involves with props, crafts, active play and many more things.

Here are a few educational activities that you can try implementing for your child.

Counting numbers activity

Craft as a cereal abacus: Your child might be probably tired of flash cards and workbooks... Read More

The whole period of solitude may goes as waste, as many may presume. I am afraid that’s not the truth…There are reasons to believe in your solitude, that you took time and with certain terms, you drew many contours of truth, to reaffirm your disposition. To fall apart from your belief in the intense scenario perhaps would be a death knell. Though strangulating circumstances conspires to obliterate your existence but you endure it with a hope that you will steer through rough times. We all draw strength from our perpetual hope to live another day.

No matter how life gives you a raw deal.... Read More

My husband and I read this life changing article thirty-two years ago when we were on a rare date night for our sixth wedding anniversary. Parents of four, we really wanted to remain faithful to Church teaching by refusing to use artificial birth control but we already felt stretched to our limits financially, emotionally and physically. I am tiny and had never even held a baby before my first. Growing up in a Protestant home with only one sister, it had never even occurred to me that I would one day mother a large family.

After my conversion to Catholicism at nineteen, I earned... Read More

Have you a low confidence? Have you a low self-esteem? You should be realizing that confidence is needed by everyone. High confidence can help you to succeed in a job, a relationship, studies, as well as social interaction. But unfortunately, not everyone has high confidence; even they tend to have an introverted personality, having excessive shyness to express their thoughts in front of others. Well, this article will discuss the top ten ways to boost your self-confidence that can be run to make you feel confident in your own way.

1. Understand Your Lack You can decrease your self-confidence... Read More

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Minimal write: RIGINAL.

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