Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Let me start this party by telling you the straight truth....There is absolutely nothing graceful about this getting old business. This is coming to you from one of the original, "Don't trust anyone over thirty," believers. I was seventeen, married and had a child. There was nothing I wanted to hear from some aging, suit wearing, hat carrying (yup, they wore hats and I am not talking baseball caps), briefcase lugging, cookie cutter thirty year old. I used to tell my wife, I was going DIE before I turned thirty.

So here I sit, forty-three years later and the only thing I have in common... Read More

Marguerite Carstairs©

Easter Bunny, Meet Chocolate Jesus

I did not even know it was Easter. Someone online said they were going to Melbourne for the Easter break, and I asked if we were getting one too, and was told China does not celebrate Easter, so there was no holiday, so I lost Interest in Easter, as a holiday meant I could have traveled somewhere.

On Friday evening I joined another International Friend for Dinner at the Sofitel Buffet. Now this was a very expensive Buffet... Read More

We see wildflowers all about. We wish that our mundane lives allowed us to tippy toe across the blooming gardens to experience the innocence lost in our aging years. As we grow older, things like imagination lose the wonder that drove it. Perhaps some of us even begin to think of terrible things like Mortgages. But few of us realize that the first word in something like "Mortgage" is "Mort" otherwise known as "Morte", or "Death." Death and Taxes -- the things that Spring brings to us. Such desperation drives the hope of love, and so we seek love here in this season. Love brings security and... Read More

My first few articles on Broowaha were about men. The way we think and sometimes relate to women. Those were unappreciated articles by most, sharply critiqued and appeared to hit a nerve with the anonymous critics, some of who I personally know. Interesting. Anyway, I started writing about other subjects, not really for any other reason other than I know about some other things besides being male. There are those amongst you however that won’t let me forget my past and have challenged me to do it again. I got a lot of emails regarding my writing and recently one of my “fans” assailed... Read More

There's this one chump I work with who really believes he's so intelligent. He says that he knows six languages, and he knows all sorts of theories to solve any problems for the United States and on and on he rambles. I challenged him and asked to hear some of his six languages. His response was that it wouldn't make a difference cause I wouldn't know it if I heard it. Solomon, are you calling me stupid? He didn't say anything after that.

Once in a while smart-ass Solomon would always comment that my brain is small and he thinks superior over me. I always get him when I say to him...... Read More

Robert Greene released The 48 Laws of Powers with the intention to motivate and inspire future generations through past victories.

Pimpin' Ken also hopes to motivate and inspire future generations except he is using his own success story as the basis. "I wanted brothers and people in general to know that you can make it out of the hood and you don't have to follow "that" blueprint," says Pimpin' Ken, "I respect his (Robert Greene) work but he did research to write his book. I am using real life situations to reveal The Laws. I am The Laws." Just four years he shopped the idea around... Read More

The reanimated corpse of former president Richard Milhouse Nixon was spotted wandering aimlessly around Arlington National Cemetery today. Tourists and groundskeepers were horrified when they saw what was described as a "foul smelling zombie-like figure with a limp", staggering back and forth calling out for "brains".

One man who was there with his family to visit the grave of his son, a soldier that died in the current war in Iraq says that he was astonished to find that the former President has decomposed quite well. "His skin wasn't really in bad shape, it was almost olive green,... Read More

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