Saturday, July 21, 2018

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The solution to the spiraling American national debt crisis is quite simple. Instead of the government printing money they don’t have, they should allow us, citizens, to print money directly. This ingenious policy has three advantages over our current, post-financial-crisis, system:

First, if individuals are only allowed to print physical money, they can’t print it faster than the government, so the overall increase of national debt will cool down.

Second, as the money will be in our hands, we will consume more, which will help refuel the struggling economy (after all, how many... Read More

I've been in a bit of an introspective mood lately. Not something I dabble in often, but when I do—oh baby! With the approaching call of employment ringing in my ears, it is this writing thing I do that sits right in the crosshairs of the "spection" portion of introspection.

This "writing thing" started for me back in 1995 with a romantic comedy screenplay of all things. It was called, Roomance. The premise was simple: a frustrated married couple with young daughter separate, only to unwittingly and unknowingly fall for each other in an online chat room. They arrange a series of public... Read More

Our world is changing fast, especially from a technological standpoint. The ability to communicate with anyone around the world has become as easy as turning on the faucet. Cell phones, email, skype and social networking sites all provide access and make the world essentially a smaller place.

So is this a good thing? We say yes for the most part, because with a larger market there are more opportunities. However, this also comes with new forms of abuse.

Privacy has taken a nose dive. It’s easy to find anyone on the planet. And if you ever had dreams of getting off the grid, you... Read More

Well I decided to hone my humor writing skills a while back by replying to one pesky Nigerian email that caught my attention. I recommend that you do not try this at home, as I'm a professional (and dumb as cement really).


Email #1 from Nigeria with love (shortened):

This is to officially inform you that we have verified your contract file presently on my desk, and I found out that you have not received your payment due to your lack of co-operation and not fulfilling the obligations giving to you in respect to your contract payment. Secondly, you are hereby advised to stop dealing... Read More

If I want to find an agent to help me find a publisher for my book, I need a connection of some sort. I need to know an insider. When I think about the connections I might have, I know my son's future stepfather is a local political mucketty muck who has all sorts of connections. But given he has little to do with publishing and given the nature of the lynchpin to the relationship, it's a dead end for sure. So I have nothing. No connections, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, especially me when I consider the aversion I have to making “the connect”, a cornerstone to how I've run my life.... Read More

An Acolyte of the State (we'll just say it like it and state are ONE) comes to petition the Great OrQuinn, the voice of god, and the head of his bureaucracy in this world. This poor Acolyte needs to know how much vacation they will have in 6 months so they can plan their honeymoon with their boss, because everyone in the World Bureaucracy is married to their work. As the clerk finishes reading off the petition The Great OrQuinn speaks."It is as it has always been.", The Great OrQuin pronounces in his deep, dogmatic tone.The Acolyte timidly responds, "Yes, but I've never... Read More

Cats are like people in many ways. They have good moods and bad moods. Sometimes they want to play and other times they want to be left alone. Most of all though, just like us, they crave love and attention.

I was in my early 20's fresh from moving back to California, living with my fiancée at the time and seven other people. Money was hard to come by and the traffic in and out of the house was just too much. Her parents offered for us to move in with them and we both agreed it was a great idea. There was only one issue, cats. Her mom did not like cats and we had two of them, Frankie... Read More

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