Monday, October 15, 2018

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It's not exaggerating to say that the rise of live streaming is one of the most powerful factors influencing gaming culture today. This influence is going to be even more strongly felt in the future, as designers are increasingly expected to produce games that appeal to a streaming audience as well as players. In addition, eSports, where pro gamers battle it out in front of a huge international live streaming audience, is set to continue its rise as a highly profitable gaming enterprise in its own right.

Broadcasting for all

Live streaming is perhaps an inevitable consequence... Read More

They say sporting brings people together, but Paintball brings them closer together. It’s a game that is enjoyed by people across all levels of life and backgrounds too. The same way a mixture of people enjoy this sport, there are various reasons why they are attracted to it. The following are the reasons that make paintball enthusiasts want to play this game any time, any day.

1. Strengthening Friendship And Meeting New Friends

Being a social game, paintball enables friends to get away from the hustles and bustles of the usual work and urban life, and enjoy the fun out there... Read More

Indian Rummy game is a popular card game, mostly played in the southern part of the subcontinent. Its popularity can be attributed to the perks that it provides its players – both entertainment and monetary benefits. After all, which player wouldn’t like a game that’s both fun and beneficial. When India’s favorite game ventured into online games, its popularity immediately skyrocketed across the globe. It is now one of the most played online games.

If you want to start playing rummy as well, then we recommend that you learn the rummy rules before starting your online rummy journey, that... Read More

You might be the kind of person that likes to stick with a set of numbers and not shake things up, which is understandable if those numbers are significant or have been lucky for you in the past.

Every now and then, though, it’s fun to try something different, so check out and comb through the upcoming jackpots, pick which one you want to play (or maybe just play them all!) and throw caution to the wind by trying an outrageous way of picking numbers. The following three ways of picking numbers are real, and people have been using them for years to court success in the Powerball.

... Read More

The gambler's fallacy bias, in its simplest form, is a misconception that an occurrence is 'overdue' simply because it hasn't happened for a long time.

Monte Carlo fallacy

The bias, which is sometimes referred to as the Monte Carlo fallacy, originated in Monte Carlo's Le Grande Casino over one hundred years ago, in August 1913. At the roulette wheel, records state that the ball landed on black 29 times in a row. The incident has since become immortalised as the gambler's fallacy, simply because of the vast amounts of money lost on red. Once black had come up a 10th time, patrons... Read More

Ever since the very first one was invented over a century ago by a Californian engineer called Charles Fey, slot machines have captured the imaginations of players all round the world. They’ve long been a feature everywhere from pubs and cafes to motorway service stations but over recent years there have been some big changes to the way people play.

Nowadays online slots are the biggest single earners for online casinos thanks, largely, to the sheer numbers of players that choose them.

As a result the online operators have invested large amounts of money into developing games... Read More

Betting on the horses goes hand in hand with watching horseracing, and nowadays, betting online is becoming more popular. You can do it from the convenience of your own home and don’t have to worry about what to wear!

Apart from ensuring that they avail the best tipping service, for instance SBAT and the kinds, people often look at many important factors before signing up with any internet-based bookie. If you are just starting out with online sports betting, your first step should be to seek the best offers.

Sign up offers are what majority of online betting platforms distinguish... Read More

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