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Friday, February 24, 2017
video game console
By copygeek,

4 Video Games Video Games With Uncanny Realism

Thanks to advances in graphics technology, developers can now make games of uncanny realism. They can replicate anything and to the finest detail. But, there is a downside to this obsession with photo-realism: the quality of game design has dropped. In the past, necessity forced developers to focus more on game play than on graphics. And by default, artistic creativity and an engaging plot became a game's selling point. Fortunately, some modern games - such as the four listed below - have not lost this touch.

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The technological advancement has literally made us hostage to the “beauty”, “charisma”, “power”, “glitter” and “craze” of the online gaming industry. Yes, it is continuously skyrocketing.


It reaches a point in life when we experience some form of despair. If you are trying to solve problems but you aren’t finding any solutions, you will have the feeling that you are playing a losing...

Thinking about spicing up your videos with special effects? If so you certainly have the right tool to do so and you’ll find that the Movavi Video Editor will give you access to over 50 different...

The twentieth century had its fair share of influential individuals. You know the kind I’m talking about – the ones with four or five different titles following their names like “industrialist”, “business...

When the Sony Playstation 4 launches at midnight tonight, fans of Sony’s beloved gaming console will either lose sleep due to the immense gaming that will take place… or due to the rioting that will...

Neil Armstrong's recent death brought the world's focus back to the first steps taken by one man, and by logical extension all of mankind, outside of our planet on July 20th, 1969. This is forever...

Steve's untimely death has been big news recently. He is a 'one of a kind' businessman and entepreneur, whose showmanship is already missed by Apple, after so shart a time. He simply cannot be replaced....

I'm reminded, frankly, of the early days of Entrecard. Before bad management changed a clever and effective social network to a tired traffic exchange, Entrecard attracted a group of smart, clever...

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