Sunday, November 18, 2018

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The best-laid schemes of mice and men go often awry.” – Robert Burns, 1785

An entrepreneur starts a business with specific plans after spending hours on end perfecting it, but ultimately diverts the attention to something else. A student resolves to spend time studying for a few hours every evening, only to end up watching the sports channel. A woman who is on a low-budget, decides to buy a small gift for someone, but ends up buying an atrociously expensive one only to regret it later. So what’s happening to these people?

When... Read More

They say that the greatest compliment to an author, or an artist is when his work, his craft, and his commercial persona [the very essence of his caricature and artistic being] has been plagiarized.

This single moment in time, is said to be, the first sign of his [author's] greatness. It is suppose to signify to the author that as a writer, a comedian, a radio talk show host or an artist of any marketable reputation, that he has finally reached a major pinnacle in his profession. I 'm not at all together certain if that's true; It feels to me rather distasteful, almost like I've been... Read More

Hendren Group, the international global investment company based in Tokyo, Japan,have made a series of advisory notes to their investors today in regards to the shortfall in the forecasts that Sony Corp analysts’ estimated that were necessary for them to attempt to regain the market share already lost to Samsung Electronics Co.

Sony has recently struggled to retain consumers having used job cuts, asset sales, the weaker yen and its’ Entertainment Division powerful position to return to the black after a fourth year of losses by the company. While Samsung’s products led by Smartphone’s... Read More

Authority: the One Crucial Element of Internet Marketing

It’s a noun with the power to influence thought, opinion and behavior. It can be misused. But it can also build trust and respect.

When it comes to online marketing, it’s the crucial element that Google and other search engines give importance to. It’s the element that draws visitors to your site.

What are we talking about?


Everything in our lives revolves around authority. People trust you when they know you’re an authority in your field.

According to research, brain scans show that the... Read More

Winners and Losers: Games The Mind Plays

Who am I? *Laughter like a villain in a cheap melodrama.*

Ask the losers …. Ask the birds in the trees … Ask the fish in the sea! Who am I? … I am THE winner!”

I am the one that won against all those losers! I am THE winner!”

Among a million people, the winners shine like Roman conquerors, while the losers sit quietly. While pride and confidence are the traits of the winners, losers wear the armor of timidity.

Fortunately, there exists only a thin line between the two, and quitters/losers have the ability to fling away their... Read More

Technology, Versalis (Eni) has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Neville Venture for the production of hydrocarbon resins at the Versalis Priolo plant and entered into a licence agreement related to the feedstock which will feed the resin facilities.

These new, high added-value productions, synergetic in particular with the elastomer business, will be used in specialty applications such as adhesives, inks, coatings and rubber.

Neville Venture is a joint venture between US based companies Neville Chemical Co., a synthetic resins manufacturer, and GTC, an engineering... Read More


Have you had much success with guest posting? Those of you that have actually tried posting on sites that “qualify” and are worthy of your attention, should know that it’s not an easy task getting your content on there.

Some of the top sites have pretty strict guidelines and that’s understandable. You can’t just send out mails saying “I would like to do a guest post on your blog.” Most of the time, you can expect such emails to end up in the junk folder.

People with quality blogs/sites, who accept guest posts, have the potential to get you some fine links.

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