Friday, September 21, 2018

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By definition short sale means that the value of a home is less than the total loans on the property. In a short sale, the bank forgives the debt with a few qualifying factors. The sellers/homeowners of a short sale home do not pay commissions, closing fees or other associated costs, the bank approves the offer and then pays the costs associated. The process requires patience and you do have quite a bit of time to get the home sold. If you have missed a payment, the bank will file a Notice of Default typically once you are 3 months late on the mortgage. In that document, the bank sets a date... Read More

Carrie Teegardin, writing for the Atlanta Journal Constitution on 10/15/2007 in an article entitled "Foreclosures Hit Record High In Metro Atlanta", reveals that almost 7,000 properties in the metro area -- a record high -- are up for foreclosure in November, 2007.

Foreclosures in Atlanta are up 11 percent through October, 2007 compared to year-to-date figures from 2006. While many of the unfortunate delinquent debtors find some measure of relief in bankruptcy or reworking their loan terms where pliant lenders are trying to keep their own investors safe, there is another danger waiting... Read More

I was speaking with a gentleman today who was employing a form of logic that can only be described as well, circular. He believes the housing market will not “crash”. He has to. He purchased a home in LA within the last five years; he can’t afford to be wrong. There seems to be two camps in America today; the camp that believes the housing market is overbought, overvalued and unsustainable and those who believe that the recent boom in housing prices is “business as usual” or normal. I am not in the camp that subscribes to the later opinion. Let’s look at housing prices and... Read More

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