Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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Property: Dealing in a property which suits to your business or lifestyle will give you a positive kind of high and is also interesting a certain component of risk. As per the expert, due to the downgrading of Rupee there is an increase in the property segment. The property is not only limited to urban cities or other metro cities, there is residential and commercial land all over India. Coming of western culture has also provoked requirement for commercial and residential properties. The land in acres deal is an expensive deal for the majority of big companies' buyers; here are the 5 tips... Read More

Acquire Land for Commercial, Industrial, & Residential Purpose near Vijayawada.

Vijayawada is the second largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh of India. It is one of the Tier-II cities and categorized under B-1 grade cities of India The growing population and economy have resulted in rising real estate prices. Real-estate companies are building housing projects in the city outskirts with many residential townships. Property prices in Vijayawada are very high and are comparable with the top cities of India. The city is well connected to the rest of the country by National Highways,... Read More

Andhra Pradesh's Government Keen to Develop Vizag as IT Hub

Visakhapatnam: The National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) is quite confident that Visakhapatnam can register growth in the IT sector, even though there may be a few constraints holding it back right now, Nasscom, Andhra Pradesh.

Through sources Nasscom had identified 52 tier-two cities for the promotion of the IT sector and Visakhapatnam was among the top four or five of them. “Vizag has great potential and also the required facilities, but the IT sector is still in a nascent stage here. Nasscom,... Read More

Realty Capital Investment is Flowing in Vijayawad - Patni Properties

Vijayawada: Real estate prices are set to skyrocket around Vijayawada following announcement by Andhra Pradesh government that the new capital would be located "near" the second largest city of the residuary state.

The land prices started shooting up in the region after media reports indicated that the area is "being considered" for locating the new seat of power of Andhra Pradesh which lost Hyderabad to newly-formed Telangana State.

A Siva Reddy, Vijayawada chapter President of Confederation of Real... Read More

Land Development Prosperous and Growing In Vijayawada

Vijayawada, the City-on-Fast-Track, now is the destiny for AP Real Estate, By Patni Properties. This South Indian Commercial Hub promises assured returns on property investment. With its geographical advantage, Vijayawada is growing fast in the areas of population, trading, IT sector, the services sector and SSIs.

In the recent past, there is a migration of more than 7 lakh population of neighboring districts, taking the city population to more than 25 lakh including suburban regions. But there is no required housing activity... Read More

Rush To Make Investment in Vijayawada Near Gannavaram

Gannavaram, a locality situated roughly 20 km away from Vijayawada on National Highway 5, is offering the maximum number of residential plots across the city, according to Patni Property listings. Most of these plots are open plots and are approved by Vijayawada-Guntur-Tenali-Mangalagiri Urban Development Authority (VGTM-UDA).

Plots having an area between 100 sq yards to 300 sq yards are priced from Rs 5-30 lakh. “Whatever residential land is left available in Vijayawada is available at very high prices and buyers seem not... Read More

Vijayawada to Create a Well-Built Economic Base – Patni Properties

Typically an industrial corridor, developed by the government in private partnership, will act as an intermediary to develop infrastructure projects, which in turn attract industries and of course investments.

“The essence of such an industrial corridor is to increase employment potential, exponen¬tially raise exports and augment industrial output, which in turn underscores the growing economic scenario of the region, all in a given period of say 10 years or so.

The corridor passes through a combination... Read More

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