Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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The report titled “India – The Next IT Offshoring Locations is Nagpur , Tier II Cities”, which is part of the firm’s World Winning Cities research, highlights these five cities including Nagpur as fulfilling the requirements that IT companies look for, when deciding on offshoring locations, namely availability, costs of labor and real estate, business environment as well as physical and social infrastructure.

Nagpur is witness to a sizeable NRI investment in the property market, with 20 to 25 per cent of bookings in the city originating from the overseas market. The rising demand for... Read More

Take The Right Decision at The Right Time.

Nagpur has the connectivity to all parts in India, Both by highways, main channel rail routes, and Ait Connectivity. Nagpur is the center city of India, which connects various air routes like South Africa, North East Asia, Russia, South East Asia, Europe and Australia.

International Investors and Business communities analyzed and Visualized the future, are already, investing heavily in all forms of real estate around the project area.

Nagpur is the second city of Maharashtra, has a strategic central location in India as well as international... Read More

The Government of Maharashtra with the co-operation of Government of India is developing the existing Nagpur airport as Multimodal International Passenger and Cargo Hub Airport at Nagpur (MIHAN) Project, Metro Rail and Mono Rail. They are following the consultant’s report for the development of the airport, Metro Rail and other allied facilities.

This project is supported by the following development.

·International Airport

·Metro Rail

·Mono Rail

·Special Economic Zone

·IT Park Health City

·Manufacturing Units

·Captive Power Plant

... Read More

Which is The Right Time to Invest in Property? PatniProperties

Festival season and the real estate industry are in deep connection with each other. With developers, bolster their projects aggressively and investors and end users keen to search and buy, more property deals are struck during the festival season that launch in October and summit in March than at any other point of the year. Naturally, 1/3 of developers’ business can be resulting in this time period.

The following reasons can be recognized to improved levels of sales activity through the festival season:

The... Read More

Not many people know the fact successful commercial real estate does require ample amount of knowledge of the market, some luck and good timing.

Unlike all the residential properties, the commercial properties are regularly purchased by different organizations depending on their budget. And, unlike residential real estate agents, there are fewer commercial real estate agents as well. In the article, given below we are going to talk in particular about selling commercial real estate in the best probable way. You must ensure that you do pay proper attention towards the points mentioned... Read More

Besides the amazing standard of living and beautiful properties, Virginia Water offers you plenty of reasons to live in the area if you are looking for an exclusive place.

As many studies suggest, the people coming from the upper class of the society certainly look forward to security, privacy and good standard of living. This is exactly what they get while living in Virginia Water. This is one of the major reasons why people love residing here, and why there are so many luxury properties for sale in Virginia Water in the area. Here are some other reasons why people prefer to reside... Read More

No matter if you are a home owner or a business owner you already know how essential it is to take good care of your house. There are specific issues related to roofing that could bother you in the long run and so hiring roofers could certainly offer you some great help. There are a number of professional companies around in the Windsor area which you could opt for as far as using roofing services is concerned for your home projects.

Make sure that you go through some of the key points to remember here as far as using a professional roofers in Windsor is concerned. Some of the key things... Read More

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