Sunday, November 18, 2018

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Jun. 14, 2013 - CHUO-KU, Japan -- In the run up to the opening of the Hong Kong branch scheduled for early 2014, Harver Group will now seek to employ up to 80 analysts, and possibly many more across the course of 2014 depending on the number of new contracts signed with research clients in Hong Kong over the next 6 months.

Mr. Stephen Rogers, Harver Group’s Director of Private Equity said “naturally we’re looking initially to target locally based Hong Kong brokerages and obtain as much of that market share as we possibly can, and we will therefore need to have a strong, experienced workforce... Read More

Credit cards and the companies behind them have hoodwinked the public into believing they are more important than they really are....and doing so at unbelievable profits. It’s gotten to the point that everything is hooked into your credit score. Soon, buying the simplicities of food and clothing will depend on your credit score. I’m exaggerating, but I really won’t be surprised if this becomes true soon.

A credit score is a snapshot of the risk you pose to a lender should they decide to lend to you. Now, the very fact that if you live without having to borrow from anyone and pay all... Read More

Dear Ely,

I’m drowning in bills. Every month they come in tsunami-sized waves: mortgage, car payment, phone, cable, electric, water, and credit cards. If I don’t find a way to spend less money, I’m going to have to get another job just to keep my head above water. Do you have any tips for saving money?


Over-Billed Billy


Dear Over-Billed Billy,

Of course I can help you save money! It’s easy: downsize and simplify. Take a long, honest look at your life and determine to do away with everything superfluous. If something is... Read More

Saving money is a necessity in today’s world. With the cost of living growing day by day and the economic slowdown haunting us since quite some time now, it is essential that each of us contributes towards economizing on our expenses. Teaching your child the art of saving money is one such step in making this a successful venture.

Here are a few ways in which you can move in the above direction:

Your child is born innocent. As you start teaching him small things, he begins to learn them. For your tiny tot, you could bring money games and play with him. In each game, you should... Read More

This economy is growing steadily worse. We see it everyday with continued layoffs, further drops in the housing arena, jittery stock markets, and a stubborn unemployment rate that doesn’t want to budge. All of these are coupled with the most negative political atmosphere since the gloomy days of the Great Depression. Money affects everything we do. Like bright sunshine or a dark, ominous cloud constantly floating overhead, money represents a huge part of what drives us from birth until death. It’s the reason why most roll awake in the morning, draining 95% of the population’s minds with periodic... Read More

Well, it’s that time again. My lease on my Infiniti is up—thank God! (Which is why I’ve told everyone I know never to lease a car-I spent $35,000 to drive the vehicle for 39 months, plus they’re hitting me up for $1,100 in so-called “damages” to the car at lease-end—need to know more?)So, I need to buy a car.

Little did I know when I announced that I wanted to purchase a new vehicle that I would be attacked by a pack of starving car salesmen like alligators swarming around a water buffalo who decided to cross the river and got stuck. All I can say is “Wow!” I never imagined that I would... Read More

Growing up in New York City, one's pressure to keep up with the eponymous Joneses is amplified by that to keep up with the Ramones, the Rothschilds, and a whole slew of ever-morphing tribes. Beyond the trend, however, and beneath those changing tides of tastes in tile or tulle is a deep politics.

On the surface this appears to be clarified by the retail outfits' own self-appointed titles as green, organic, free trade, union, and the like: allowing the consumer, still, to participate in the transactions only semi-consciously, by simply entering and exiting through different doors.

... Read More

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