Thursday, December 14, 2017

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In the last year, the green bucks gained intense strength in the global market after the U.S presidential election held on 8th of November 2016.Mr trump becomes the newly elected president for the US government and gave the dollar a strong boost in the global economy by stating that they are going to increase their current fiscal spending and implement tax cut policy. The user consumers reacted positively to this statement and the green bucks rallied higher in the global market. After this event, the FED declared their rate hike on the basis of 25 points. During this event, the dollar index... Read More

The start-up and business sector in India are booming right now. With the new government taking control with the ‘Make In India’ scheme, more and more companies are being built to help turn over the business and manufacturing industry in the country.

While this is a great step towards making the nation independent and completely developed, these new businesses and start-ups still need to look out for working capital and funding to get their products rolling out. Even established companies are constantly looking for business loans to keep their company running smoothly and without a glitch... Read More

The new trading year has created a fresh buying pressure in the gold and traders are now overly cautious about the next move of the market. In the last year, the gold market fell dramatically during the event of the U.S presidential election held on 8th of November 2016.Mr .Trump become the newly elected president of United States of America and pushed the dollar higher in the ground. In a press conference, he stated that the U.S government is going to implement tax cut policy and increase the fiscal spending from the very beginning of the next year. This created an extreme level of positive... Read More

There has been a massive chaos in the precious metal market from the very beginning of the year 2016 due to the pending interest rate hike decision by the FED. After long awaiting the FED have finally hiked their interest rate with a 25 basis point in the market. Upon the rate hike, the dollar has gained significant strength in the global market and the price of gold tumbled down towards the critical support level. The price of gold is measured in dollar and it extremely sensitive to such major economic event like interest rate hike. Before the rate hike decision the price of gold fell in... Read More

NASDAQ has over 700 healthcare companies trading on its floor and online. Being the second largest stock exchange in US, the number of companies represents a significant number of units that are independently working to push the health care sector forward. This sector is fairly independent of the economic factors such as the short-term interest rates, oil prices, and the economic cycles. It is a very important export industry so it is all the more important for the newly elected President Trump to devise a policy for growth and sustainability.

There was much speculation as to who would... Read More

A forex trader who knows the market well can distinguish when a currency pair is ripe for profit.You can plan, device and carry out the appropriate strategy. However, since forex trading entails taking chances, traders must often be prepared to suffer short-term losses. This is not to say that losses are inevitable. But ultimately, the goal is to optimize profit while carefully managing risk.

Allow me to discuss a frequently employed strategy used by trading robots - scalping. Scalping is a short-term ploy that practices the process of accumulating small spreads rather going for the... Read More


When you are running a small business, your plans for growth are likely to be stifled by one big thing: money. There are, of course, various ways of getting it - a bank loan, for example, or borrowing from a family member. But what if you want to attract serious investment? Your best bet here is to find funding from angel or venture capital investors.

It is, however, a complicated process. There are countless businesses out there, all trying to attract the limited pool of angel investors that exist for every industry. It’s critical to make your business an appealing opportunity... Read More

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