Thursday, June 21, 2018

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The Aussie dollar has been sliding lower in the global market after hitting the critical resistance level at 0.77491. Most of the leading Aussie investors made a decent profit by shorting the pair with the bearish price action confirmation signal. The pair exhibited a strong bearish momentum in the global market but it found some decent support near 0.73349 in the global market. According to the leading economist, the Aussie dollar might rally Furthermore in near future as the recent performance of the U.S economy is not up to the market. The green bucks have lost most of its bullish strength... Read More

One may have the finance available for investment inIPO or tax-free bond issues that will surface over the next six months or in selected stocks when the market declines. Many investors have funds in liquid form with no entry or exit load but still,want to be with the bank system so what they have to do? The easiest solution is to open a saving account paying 6% – 7% p.a with interest below Rupees 1 lakhs then again with your savings you can earn healthier returns if you are ready to secure your money in 7 days Fixed Deposits (FD) or have a flexi FD account. If you are looking for the high-interest... Read More

To balance the risk and reward in the investments, most investors believe in the concept of diversification through planting their investments in multiple schemes. But, this decision works correctly when their portfolio adds up the investment in large cap funds which allows you to earn a high rate of return. Large cap mutual funds invest in the companies having the market capitalisation over Rs.50 lakh crore. The large-cap pool comprises the giant corporations which are well-established like Reliance, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Tata Group, etc., and have already grown-up in the market. So, if... Read More

Everyone wants to be financially strong so that their kids or they need not face hardships in future. If you too aim the same, then it time that you consider investing in equities to create your wealth.

When doing so, it is important to keep the following 6 things in mind.

1. Understand the concept of wealth creation

As soon as we start earning, either from our business or regular job, we deposit that money in a bank and simultaneously keep some money aside to invest in different bank schemes. Investing in equities is, however, a little different.

One invests in... Read More

One of the most popular technical analysis approaches deals with moving averages. A moving average is a trend indicator plotted on the actual screen and considers various periods back in time. Applying the MA(20) on a chart it means that the last twenty candles/periods of that time frame will be used to plot the actual value of the moving average.

There are multiple types of moving averages: SMA (Simple Moving Average), EMA (Exponential Moving Average), DMA (Displaced Moving Average), etc., but they all show the same thing. A moving average’s purpose is to show support and resistance... Read More

If you want to get investments for your real estate business then you need to be realistic first. You will not get 100% financing. The most that you can expect is 80-85%, you need to come up with the remaining 15-20%. You can come up with the cash from your own finances or from your partners’ finances if you have partners.

If you are infusing cash into the business then you will be able to have full control of the business but when you get outside investment it means that you will have lesser control. Your profits will also diminish and you will be making profits based on your investment... Read More

Do you know why many Forex traders are unsuccessful and losing their money, though they have a solid strategy? It is only because of that, they are chasing the trades. It is the silliest mistakes in Forex yet very difficult to correct. If a trade is gone or the signal has changed, it cannot be pull back into the chart for the second time. You have placed your trades in the present and flow with the present trends of Forex. But many traders find it very difficult, they cannot accept that they have lost such a good signal. The result is they end up placing trades based on the foregone signal.... Read More

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