Thursday, December 14, 2017

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British Support for Renewable Energy Continues To Grow

The survey, DECC Public Attitudes Tracker, was run from early 2012 through to last March. There were four surveys — one longer survey and three shorter ones — concluded with a face-to-face in-home interview with a representative sample of 2,051 households.

Below are the key findings which were taken from the survey, as finalised after Wave 5. For a full comparison of wave 5 findings against the previous four waves, head... Read More

It's America's final frontier for shale and the payout will be huge. Forget about the 1849 gold rush, Hollywood and Disneyland. there's a new kid on the block. If you add up the recoverable resource estimate for the Bakken formation in North Dakota (you must read my article-The Future Is 'Saudi Dakota'), as well as the Eagle Ford in South Texas...then DOUBLE it, you'll get close to the number of recoverable barrels of oil that remain trapped in the heart of this untapped 'mega' shale deposit. Put another way, according to the US Energy Information Administration, this one massive shale... Read More

If you are looking at the earth from space, what is one of the most impressive new sights you can see in North America, or indeed anywhere else? It used to be the lights of Las Vegas, but today you can see an entirely new city, bigger than New York. This has appeared in the space of just a few years out in the dusty American Mid-West. This 'city' is little known, but is quietly revolutionising the world.

The city in question is the Bakken. In just a few years it has grown from nothing to become the biggest bright spot visible on the North American night landscape. But there is a catch.... Read More

It seems young men in Japan aren't what they once were. Ryoma Igarashi likes going for long drives in the country, taking photographs of Buddhist temples and growing radishes in his apartment garden. He's a 27 year old television presenter. Meet the new breed of Japanese male, one of the 'soushoku dansi'- or literally 'grass-eating boys'. Media Shakers, a Japanese market research firm, estimates that 60% of men in their early 20's and 42% of 25-34 year olds, consider themselves to be 'grass-eaters'. Whatever happened to chasing secretaries, drinking with the boys and splurging on new cars?... Read More

The hot topic now in India is FDI in retailing, any other events or issues other than that are totally irrelevant in the eyes of our politicians and majority of the media. The UPA government is praising the FDI in retail as a holy angel that will fly down to India to save all its farmers and the poor. The corruption scams, Maoist insurgency, caste based violence, farmer suicides, outrageous increase in child malnutrition rate, savage increase in molestation cases especially towards under aged children, the rocket increase in commodity price, all these issues are totally out classed by this... Read More

Think back to mid-2011, when the US Government realised it had reached it's debt ceiling. It couldn't legally borrow any more money on it's 'maxed-out' national credit card. Months of negotiation resulted in an extra $900 billion being added, which took the limit up to $15.194 trillion.

After this things got sticky. In August, 2011 Standard & Poor's agency downgraded US debt for the first time. The Dow Jones crashed 5.6% in a single day. Gold soared from $1600 to $1920 an ounce. With the 'Fiscal Cliff' just weeks away could all this be happeneing again? But, lo and behold, there's... Read More

In an exasperated rant, the line was muttered in an arrogant parting shot “the British won with lobbying and tactics. We lost the games but kept our honor”. That’s right. British officials won with tactics and lobbying. Which is to say, the only way to win and exactly what they were supposed (and paid) to do.

The latest turn of events in France’s ITER project provides spectators worldwide with the absolute and perfect counter-example of good practices in government economic support. France shined during the early stages of the adventure. The project was to take the world to the next... Read More

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