Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Mobile phone and app usage has surpassed all records and expectations in the past couple of years. Smartphone users have been spending more time in apps than in years past, and now use more than 30 apps on a monthly basis as per a new report from App Annie. The 30 apps are estimated to be one-third to one-half of the apps users have installed on their phones. Using apps has become a daily habit and people on an average use 9 apps every day says this report. An interesting insight into the app user demographic shows that iPhone users tended to use slightly more apps than Android users, the report... Read More

Fiber optic internet connections can provide homeowners and business users a number of important benefits. If you are presently using a connection made with a coaxial cable, you should endeavor to know the benefits of having a fiber optic connection. Although the initial cost of installing this technology may be higher, the reliability, speed and security beat that of the coaxial connection. Here are the key benefits you will enjoy when you opt for a fiber optic connection.

1. Reliability

Optical fiber is resilient and much stronger than copper, therefore it provides greater... Read More

The Cable assemblies are used in Aerospace and military industry and services towards USB, Ethernet, fiber channel, Serial ATA, digital video interface and other purposes. The cables used include space cables, the fiber optic cable and the aerospace-grade cables. These cables should work well in lieu of the temperature changes, and should also be able to perform when exposed to the liquids, apart from withstanding pressure changes. As both aerospace and military function in the harsh terrains and areas, the cables should be able to serve their purpose in all conditions that may not be considered... Read More

You have the option to buy off-the-shelf software packages or go for a custom software tailor-made for your business. Picking up between these two could be a tough choice.

Let us help you with that.

There’s no denying that every business is unique. Cookie-cutter solutions of readymade business software is unlikely to meet all your specific needs. You will have very little control over software updates. You might even be forced to upgrade at the whim of developer or switch systems. In worst case the developer might discontinue to support the product.

On the other hand custom... Read More

Any business that uses any kind of Internet Technology, software or hardware, should have a detailed and reliable means to track and manage those assets. Businesses waste valuable time and money by not maintaining a firm grasp of their increasingly complex IT software and hardware environment. The right it asset management tool can not only save money but can protect against threats and help businesses run most efficiently.

Every day a growing business adds a certain amount of complexity to their network. With every new piece of hardware comes the difficult task of maintaining that hardware.... Read More

If you want to start a telecommunications reselling business, or expand an existing one, PGP encryption is quickly becoming an important growth market. As email hacking and cybersecurity appear in the headlines almost daily, people are starting to take email security seriously, and that means a growing potential customer base. But what do you need to successfully launch your own PGP BlackBerry encryption reselling business?

A PGP Encryption Provider

The first thing you need is a reliable, reputable provider of PGP encryption for BlackBerry devices (BlackBerry remains the device... Read More

If you are planning to establish web presence for your business enterprise than you have to develop website or mobile application. But the thing that will likely strike every business person’s mind is whether they need to develop mobile website or a mobile app for the use to download and install or both. At first glance Mobile websites and mobile apps look similar but it depends on the number of features. Mobile apps and mobile sites can be accessed on a handheld device like smart phones (iOS, Android, BlackBerry etc.)

A mobile website is similar to the other websites which contains... Read More

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