Sunday, October 22, 2017

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When it comes to computer disasters, few events can be worse than the unexpected loss of data on a hard drive. The hard drive is where all the important data is stored, whether photos, videos, invoices, market research, documents, customer details or sales reports.

So when a hard drive packs in, it is easy to panic.

However, all is not lost. These days, specialists – as well as specialist software in some cases – are able to recover data that has been lost, even when the hard drive has been physically damaged or corrupted.

So how should you set about choosing hard drive... Read More

In recent news, Google decided to partner with car makers Audi, Hyundai, GM, Honda, and chipmaker Nvidia to bring Android into cars. What does this news mean for the typical smartphone user?

Google has taken enormous strides in developing convenient and seamless ways to transfer information with a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone without losing any personalized preferences or information. All of these devices sync and create an incredibly convenient experience.

Yet, this same approach hasn’t been accessible in vehicles. The growing awareness against using smartphones while driving... Read More

Solar thermal systems pose some of the most promising renewable alternatives to traditional natural gas and electrical fuel sources. For residential applications, these systems are capable of providing 100% of the domestic hot water load, with excess energy routed to pool heating or space heating applications. Typically, these systems are used to offset between 50-90% of the incumbent water heating fuel source, depending on your latitude. The result is a super-efficient water heating system. For example, your incumbent 65%-efficient water heater, supplemented with a solar thermal system that... Read More

The company is banking on technology it has developed that compresses web pages 30-times to increase the speed at which consumers can view pages on a mobile phone screen.

PocketSurfer3G5 priced at Rs 6,499, PocketSurfer5 at Rs 4,999 and PocketSurfer 5X at Rs.3, 499. The lowest version of PocketSurfer smartphone has Linux operating system which was earlier seen in Motorola phones. The other two phones, PocketSurfer 5 and PocketSurfer 3GS are built on Android 4.0 platform.

PocketSurfer3G5 priced at Rs 6,499 runs on Android 4.2 and is powered by dual-core 1.2 Ghz. It feature... Read More

When it comes to cloud servers there are many myths that people believe are facts and facts that people believe are myths. Since this is still a fairly new type of server not everyone is fully aware of it yet. Here are some myths surrounding this topic.

Cloud Servers Are Just a Fad

Though many people believe that cloud servers are simply a fad that will pass sooner rather than later the fact is that these servers have been around longer than most people realize and have proven to not be a fad. The technology behind cloud computing dates back to the 1990s. Technically, the Internet is... Read More

Italian is the official language of Italy and the Vatican. Italian is also the dominant language in Some Swiss Cantons. The language is also spoken in places that have a large Italian population such as: Austria, Brazil, Luxembourg, Australia, Argentina and the USA. It is the eighth most spoken language in the USA. More than ninety million speakers worldwide make the Italian language their own.

Counted among the world's top ten economies, Italy has developed steadily since the Second World War, mainly through exports. Italian goods are primarily exported to France, Germany, the USA and... Read More

Using a Point of Sale (POS) software system can be an effective way of managing the invoice transactions and carrying out fast-paced orders in your restaurant. In today's fiercely competitive market, it is essential for restaurateurs to have an edge over their competitors, and an effective and modern POS system is one of the fundamentals in achieving it. A POS software uses computer software and hardware to record sales in real-time, and as they are occurring. This solves most of the problems that restaurateurs often face such as difference between the inventory and the tally. POS software... Read More

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