Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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I come from the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo-DRC. This beautiful and huge country is located at the heart of Africa. It engorges hundreds of tribes and cultures which sometimes walk over females’ rights. Today the women of this area are telling the world how their rights were infringed upon in the past and how today they are still disregarded in different aspects of life. This is done by the war masters and some ruthless people using the medium of culture as the scapegoat.

As mentioned above, the DRC with its multitude of tribes experiences strange realities related... Read More

Every November 25 the world celebrates the International Day for eliminating violence against women. This day has been instituted in 1999 by the UN General Assembly in order to sensitise the public opinion on violations of women’s rights.

Such an initiative is necessary since in most cultures, women are not considered as true human beings; they are treated just like inferior beings or citizens of second class. The prejudices they undergo are heavy, strong and unbearable. For this reason, sexist violence in all its forms is a durable problem seeking a sustainable solution; this will open... Read More

The awareness on household violence in the DRC is a very much needed situation though some individuals ignore or neglect it. This horrible situation leads to awful life experiences for many Congolese, especially women.

Violence, be in homes or caused by war, generates indescribable consequences as is seen in the Congo by the numbers of single mothers and homeless children which are scaling up. In many cases, household violence persists has led to the split of the couple.

Home violence and violence due to war are also causing people to contract AIDS. In home violence, when... Read More

When you walk onto the dealerships lot, or showroom, a salesman’s job is to take control of the sale from the moment they meet you.

This article will keep you, not them be in control of the process.

My first bit of advice is, don’t treat your salesperson as a second class citizen.

As in your job, he is trying to make a living. You want this person on your side, as this person will also be the one arguing with their manager on your behalf. The age old way of “Treat your sales rep” like garbage may actually hinder you from your goal; that is getting the best deal you possibly... Read More

"We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair." 2 Corinth. 4:8Do you worry? It's okay to admit it. Nobody else is around. You don't have to impress any other Christians with your faith. Okay, I thought so. As human beings we worry. It comes from having a peculiarity of vision. We can see where we are, and we can see where we've been, but we can't see ahead. Imagine being on a dark road at night and having to drive your car backwards down that road with only the dim tail lights lighting the way in front of you and the headlights brightening... Read More

"Now it happened, as He went into the house of one of the rulers of the Pharisees to eat bread on the Sabbath, that they watched Him closely" Luke 14:1Jesus never had a moment's peace. Everyone was watching Him. From the day He walked into the Jordan River to be baptized He took on celebrity status. The first year was wonderful. Everyone loved Him. The second was more trying. The third -- well let's say it would have driven a mortal man insane!The people watched Him because He did exiting things -- and maybe, just maybe it would happen to them. People haven't changed much. We still like... Read More

Excuses, excuses, everybody has excuses. Way back in the dark ages, when I was a boy, excuses for not having homework done ranged from "the dog ate it" to "I finished my work but it dropped out of my notebook into a mud puddle on the way to school." Solomon tells us that the sluggard or lazy man always has an excuse. Solomon's example is that there is a lion outside and it might eat the sluggard. Indeed there were lions roaming Israel at the time of Solomon, but not in the streets of Jerusalem! Note that the sluggard is afraid he will be killed in the streets, not in the forest! It seems that... Read More

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