Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Unless you live on an island in the Pacific Ocean, you have likely already heard some of the sordid details of the Penn State scandal. Impressionable and needy little boys being sexually abused and raped by a pedophile in disguise as a Coach/Mentor/Big Brother. Truly sickening, and I feel for each one of these victims and hope that they are strong enough to get past this abuse and live fruitful lives.


Rather than dwell on the magnitude of the horror, I prefer to look to the future and wonder what good can come out of these tragic circumstances. I believe that primarily,... Read More

There was a time when divorce was taboo. It brought shame upon the family, it was inconceivable. Now, it's so common that people are not only no longer shocked by the news, they aren't even really surprised.

In a sense, this may be a good thing. How many women stayed in horrible marriages where they were beaten and mistreated because getting a divorce was unseen, and they would have had no means to survive. At least today, no woman (or man) is trapped in such an awful situation. Well, in North America, anyway. The conditions in which women of Iran and other such countries live... Read More

Communication - Tip #7

Whether you are 18 or 80 years old you have people in your life that love you, worry about you and think of you constantly. You may not always see it as love and find it annoying at times but they love you and care about you all the same. While you are away, you must think of the immediate moment, put to the back of your mind thoughts of home friends or family so it can become challenging to remember to write, phone or email them as often as they would like on top of the limitations of not having a phone, computer or time to communicate.

I was... Read More

Daily Logs - Tip #53

When you are apart it isn't just the big things that change. Sometimes it is a lot of little things that make the most noticeable changes or differences when all put together. A fun way to mark these is by keeping a daily log. It doesn't have to be more than a sentence a day - it can just be a couple of words to tell about something that happened, didn't happen, made your mouth drop open, made you cry or laugh. When your family member returns you can help to fill in the gaps and trigger your own memories using the log.


* Create a... Read More

(Note: Once again, little ones have gone unprotected, with small boys victimized by both the twisted and broken and the blind and indifferent. I was sexually- abused decades ago, at the age of 8. No victim ever forgets. For the hope of the Penn State small boys and other children being abused, often despite the awareness of others who look the other way, I'm sharing my story here. If you are aware of a child predator, please speak up. Silence truly like a cancer grows.)

The little one who smiles and hides the pain

Lets tears fall when he plays out in the rain.

The innocence... Read More

My mom died. I haven't written in a while because she is gone, and I just don't know how to make things seem normal when they are not. How can I possibly write articles and musings as if nothing has changed when everything has changed forever? I recognize that everyone's mother dies. I think they call it the Cycle of Life, and I used to offer that phrase to others as a consolation. But now it seems superficial and irritating.

For me, the fact that the sun came out the very next day, that my cell phone continued to ring with business calls from people seeking answers to questions they... Read More

The foibles of parents can create blind spots for kids and even as a parent when you want to provide broad, correct and useful guidance--sometimes you can't get out of your own way to see that you are biased. Case in point: niceties.

Please, Thank you, You're Welcome. Are they necessary to get you what you want in life? Yes. Are they what civilized, enlightened people say to one another? Yes. Do they expend extra energy & time to say and sometimes smack of formality and expose weakness? Yes. Back in college, when I was learning to direct television programs and television news... Read More

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