Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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We have taken a drug that was once legal and moved it to an illegal drug all around the world better for society. We have filled our hospitals with drug addicts screaming for help.

Many of these are single mothers being pushed into the prostitution game just to deal drugs. The drug has them hooked. It wasn't hard, one party that lasted three days as one of the drug dealers told me. This is how they do it. Taking someone a clean escort to a party just to get hooked on the drug of love as they say.

How many children are being brought up by grandparents through the addiction... Read More

Many people think we utilise all our brain, we only utilise 10% the other 90% we have to unlock. We have to be able to get into this part of our mind to heal ourselves. We are opening up a great vault that can move you from one area of drama in your life to a solution.

My name is Jennifer Stone, I open up the areas of the mind. I can show you too through some of my techniques.

Cancer is not a death sentence, if you think it is...It actually becomes the death sentence. It is just a cell gone wrong in the body to begin with.

Like we get colds when things go wrong with... Read More

Since Father's Day is nearing, I thought it would be a good time to write a brief submission on Parental Alienation, or PA for short.

I want to make clear that PA not only affects fathers, but mothers, and grandparents as well. Of course the child(ren) that are involved are negatively affected by PA.

What is PA? According to Dr. Richard Gardner who coined the phrase Parental Alienation, defines it:

“As any constellation of behaviors, whether conscious or unconscious, that could evoke a disturbance in the relationship between a child and the other parent.”

The... Read More


Don’t think girls you can actually change a man without a lot of hard work from yourself.

Good Evening, my name is Jennifer Stone Author of the TAKe CoNTRoL series of books.

I am here to spend some time about Men and the potential us girls see, if you are in a all female or all male relationship you may see this within your own relationship it is just not a hetro thing.

Have you ever gone out with a guy and thought wow……………………………………

I am sure many of you will have had that happen to you over time.

Have you thought, when... Read More

Thunder down Under

What a name, exactly who I am.

If you have LOvE, LiFE on shaky ground, then you may need to learn how to

TAKe CoNTRoL through different techniques which all can work individually or through the series of books each technique will be talked about in deepth.

Have you felt, life is worthless? Why continue on, if you have hit the wall. Found out you had cancer, and your whole life flashed before you.

Most people at some stage through their lives hit the wall. It maybe the wall of success, it could be never thought it would or could happen... Read More

It was just after 2am the drug dealer had been around I had no money. Now I had a gig, I was looking for the shot. It wasn't going through my mind about the booze, just to get a shot.

The drug bust had been through, the town was clean people said something that hadn't come in ages. The strip was open for the assault by Police. There were no informants anymore. The nightly visits to the police station to find where or if a drug bust was happening had gone. This was the first time, that the system had failed it was the undoing of the drug trade.

Kings Cross, Darlinghurst Road... Read More

Everyone is smiling and celebrating this new life. Well, everyone that is except certain individuals, who for reasons known only to themselves, are incapable of being supportive and can’t resist saying the most insensitive things. Why these people feel compelled to steer away from the customary, “what a cutie,” “well done new mum,” and “is there anything you need?” remains a mystery. But they do. And more often than not, we’ve all had to endure at least one such person. So here are ten asinine comments that no new mom wants to hear: 1) "You look so well and relaxed." Actually I've lost... Read More

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