Saturday, October 21, 2017

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I have been restraining myself to confront the argument, put forth by an individual about women, which was in very bad taste. I decided to maintain distance from the outrageous commentary. However that shocking piece of incongruous write up kept me very restless. The content of belligerence, in its most expletive expose, wrecked my heart with revulsion. His audacious and repugnant views on women dragged my patience to the edges. I just wondered that how he could say such obnoxious things about women. And then with horror I read the news of death of three month old baby girl Neha Afreen. I... Read More

I thought as he got older his views would come in line with what I perceive to be the adult generation. Now I think I may be outnumbered and have to come around to their way of thinking...

Brady: "AFAIC ur generation uses 2 many xclamation points" Dad: "Just in general or someplace specific?" Brady: "evrywhere text email FB twitter do I need 3 xclamation points to tell me ur kids team 1 a game" Dad: "Exclamation points mean added emphasis when non-verbal communication is taking place. Your generation should embrace the exclamation point. All you have is non-verbal communication." Brady:... Read More

You scrimped and saved and looked at sale inserts out of the paper. Stood in long lines the day after Thanksgiving. Punched some guy in the nose who was trying to grab the last must have item for toddlers on the shelf. Wrapped it up nice with bows and ribbons. You waited with pained anticipation for weeks until finally Christmas morning came. Your little one ripped through the paper like they were a badger chasing a rabbit down a hole until finally they spent the morning playing with the box the item came in. Some things never change...

James (Age 9): "Mom. I have no clothes to put on.

... Read More

Worldwide, some people would admit that the relationship between men and women is top-heavy and even biased. Others wonder if gender balance is not a western invention and culture. I believe hindering women’s rights is individual’s commitment not to consider women as human beings. This situation has been existent in the world for ages, it is not particular to a given community.

There exist too many debates on gender balance throughout the world. This is often referred to as gender equality. We note today that in some countries consensus exists that equalities of opportunities, such... Read More

I have two kids.

One is almost an adult, the other.... well... still have a way to go!

In the 18 years that I have been a parent I have learned a few things along the way. Being the youngest child, raised in a remote area, I did not have much effective child rearing knowledge when I started out. I had a lot of tricks that could not be used, like corporal punishment, and I had not been exposed to much current child rearing practices,so it was a long and tedious learning process. I made a lot of mistakes along the way. A LOT, way, WAY too many for my conscience, but it's too... Read More

2012 Black College Expo

By Ricky Richardson

Los Angeles-They came from points North,East,South and West.They arrived by the carloads,school buses,chartered buses,metro buses and rail,motorcycles,bicycles and a few were able to walk to the location.I'm speaking about the thousands of students,parents,teachers and counselors who attended the 13th Annual Black College Expo in Los Angeles presented by The National College Resources Foundation.This popular community event was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday,January 28,2012, from 9am-5pm.

This is the 13th... Read More

It is an empowering and overwhelming sensation to watch your own life, being completely disconnected, where you’re watching yourself as a third-person character in a movie, rather than a first person in your own skin. Under the guise of a movie, there are twists and turns in the plot, heroes and villains, alternate endings, retakes, and other events of production that had all left me feeling canned, or on the cutting room floor.

My childhood is made up of a series of flashbacks; happy times in slow motion, peppered with darker voice-overs that create just enough irony to foreshadow the... Read More

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