Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Birthday is generally the day when one is made to feel special and as your husband would be turning a year older soon you also must be having some gamut of ideas as birthday gifts for husband. The plans with flowers, cakes, chocolates, late night parties, etc. must be keeping you busy for an unforgettable experience yet again.

Loving birthday gifts for husband

After marriage, how many times have you said him those words, “I Love You”? If it is difficult to remember, gather your mind and sit down to write a love letter after a long time for him. Talk about every small things that you... Read More

Buying a home is a dream shared by countless people across India. Most people want to own a beautiful home where they can live comfortably. However, due to high demand, the prices of homes in India are quite high. So much so that in major cities like Delhi and Mumbai, many people simply can’t afford to buy a home.

A home is an expensive purchase. In fact, buying a home is the most expensive financial investment most people will ever make. Many people spend their savings of a lifetime on buying a home so that they can provide a comfortable living environment to their family. A home is... Read More

Picnic is not only a time to enjoy and relax with your kids, but it is also to cement the bond as parents and spouses too. Yes, the research says that a family which closely gels together often is the happiest one. The time for a family picnic can be better enjoyed and celebrated if you keep in mind the following things

1. A picnic blanket

Why to carry a thin and tattered sheet, instead you can get a double comforter water proof sheet which can easily be washed on getting dirt or stains of foods which you or your naughty kids accidentally pour. The extra padding of the blanket... Read More

Bed bugs are one of the hardest pest problem to eliminate. Hiring a professional pest control service is by far the best solution for controlling bed bugs. But this type of service can be expensive. If you think you can’t afford to hire a professional, there are some things you can do to control bed bugs.

Are Pesticides Effective Against Bed Bugs Infestation?

When used alone, the use of pesticides may not be enough to eradicate these pests. They are at best moderately effective in managing bed bugs. Also, fumigators or bug bombs are often ineffective while aerosol insecticides... Read More


A lot of people think they know what domestic abuse is. One image usually comes to mind: a husband hitting his wife. Though this is a common form of domestic abuse, and absolutely one of the most dangerous, this social problem isn’t limited to that scenario.

Domestic abuse can take so many forms. It can often be difficult for people on the outside looking in to understand that domestic abuse is even taking place. In fact, there are many victims out there who may not realize they are suffering domestic abuse. It can actually go further: the people committing the crime... Read More

Mothers have a soulful personality, their nature, their love, their care and concern for us reflects not only in their eyes but also in their behavior and mannerisms. Whether your mother is of the traditional sort or whether she is the modern mom, the fact that they are gentle and kind, and motherly in all manners possible, cannot be oppressed. And we love them for that, don't we? Since time immemorial, people have adored and cherished their mothers and hence, to pay a tribute to them, an ode to all the sacrifices she has granted herself with, only for the well being of us, we celebrate Mother's... Read More

My fiancé and I are getting married in October. At least, that is the plan. It has been the plan for about nine months when we were finally able to decide on a date. Unfortunately, like much of the rest of my life the past year, the planning has not been going smoothly. Honestly, the planning has not even been going at all.

Well, now we have two months before the wedding and we have a venue.

Yes, that is it. Just a venue. Oh, and we have an officiant.

If we were younger, I could say that we had needed to research things like: "can we get married when we have so much student... Read More

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A Step By Step Guide For Planning A Wedding In India

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