Sunday, July 15, 2018

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For a brainy, intellectual, Einstein had a lot to say about imaginatio:

" Imagination is every thing. It is the preview of life's coming attractions"

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. knowledge is limited. imagination encirles the world."

Antaole France adds:

"To know is to nothing at all; to imagine is everything."-

As a busy mother of nine children,

I have always been an oral storyteller

Whenever I started to record our hilarious life on paper,

I wrote stilted mummy drivel.

It has been barely a year since... Read More

This blogger tells their readers that they may or may not be named dalecooper57. At first I thought I was connecting with a woman. I mean just look at the avatar below of a woman’s hollow head with a horse inside. As I researched, I discovered that Dale is not a woman but a man and to deepen the intrigue his name is not really Dale, only in blog-sphere.

Melanie: Why all the mystery surrounding your name?

Dale: It was never my intention to create an alternate personality. “Dale” is not in any way different from me. The name story goes like this;Years ago, long before the blog,... Read More

Two years ago I was searching for a companion. My work schedule had me driving the delivery truck 6 nights a week and leaves little time for courtship. A co-worker of mine recommended I look into different on-line dating sites. After much debate I did sign up but could never get anything to work out in a way that was beneficial to both parties. I began to think there was no hope for myself or anyone like me. The days turned into months and all began to blur. One night while I ate breakfast at one of those all night greasy diners I noticed someone left behind a travel magazine. Maybe that's... Read More

Here we are once again. I have been neglecting my duties by not sharing more often all the fabulous hate mail and messages I get at my blog. But, I won't promise anything, but I will try to keep up and post as I get 2 or 3. Today I am going to do a combination post from messages, e-mails, and comments I have received in reference to three specific posts, Is Being An Alcoholic A Disability, Bigfoot, God, And Ghosts, and What Has The World Come To. I can't even begin to tell y'all how surprised I have been that so many have become so bent out of shape. Makes me think that is why I write. Perhaps... Read More

By Ravo

[COLOR=skyblue]Assuming most of Asia and the Middle East doesn't turn into vast radioactive wastelands in the next few months, surviving advanced societies will have a very difficult struggle to remediate the damage to the environment due to wars and resource depletion; and the reintroduction of vital species made extinct by human overpopulation. It will likely require advances in synthetic biology, and only be possible through cloning and reconstruction of DNA maps or actual samples.It will take a tremendous amount of time, money, manpower, and lots of luck and fortuitous synergies. In the... Read More


I was going to do a ROMANTIC PIECE. But I really can't be bothered. You see my missus. Whoa! I must stop right there. 'Missus' pertaining to the Greek. 'Miss' meaning. "I miss out ona winning a lota money ona Saturday night just becausea I nota have a winning ticket. 'Us'...according to the pissed off Greek deli owner Vince Grabbalottaus means just that. Self explanatory. Ok I'll put it in a sentence. "My Maria she gotta big shapely US and I loves to grabba it. Somea time I slip ona cabana slice Maria drop ona floor when I fun with her, she squeal, hit me with her large... Read More

I have often shed tears of joy. They spring to my eyes unbidden and without warning.When a person cries because of the way they’re feeling, it’s known as emotional tears. Nobody knows exactly why we have emotional tears but one reason might be that they help us release our deepest, feelings, feelings that are often subconscious. Tears are a non-verbal way to release emotions that are non-verbal as well. These emotions are in the ground of our being and connect us to the rest of humanity and God.

When I experience a suddenly, an encounter with the Spirit, tears spring to my eyes. Sometimes... Read More

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