Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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It is the presence of water along with oxygen, which makes Earth, so unique, but Earth is gradually losing its speciality. As the population increases, so does its demands and thus, it is becoming increasingly important to recycle and treat sewage water and reuse it accordingly. The technology of waste water treatment helps to reuse this water, for anything other than drinking purpose, and thus increases the longevity of this resource.

Waste water treatment: what is it?

Waste water treatment is the conversion of waste water into an effluent which can either be further treated... Read More

DJ services continue to soar in global popularity. From banquets and sports festivals to weddings and receptions, areas DJs are committed to excellence in all events and parties. With years of extensive industry experience, they know which songs and tunes will spruce up or enhance any event. They also specialise in personalised playlists, along with karaoke machines, lighting services, bubble blowers, and other entertainment for lavish and elegant social engagements. As always, disc jockeys play all your favorite jams no matter which style or genre you prefer. All it takes is one phone call... Read More

The extraordinary village of Piplantri, in Rajasthan, India, has transformed itself with a new tradition. For every female child born in the Indian village of Piplantri, villagers plant 111 trees. Over the last eight years, they have managed to plant a quarter million trees on the village grazing commons, which they pledge to maintain as their daughters grow up. Not only are girls valued in Piplantri, but the new trees have remade the village, adding beauty, giving shade in the summer months, and even spawning a new industry for the villagers in aloe vera products.

While we, in our towns... Read More

The charcoal briquettes machine market provides a huge opportunity for the UK. It can bring about clean electricity and heat, economic development in both rural and urban areas, new green jobs, and greater energy security. The briquette machine takes different industrial, agricultural and forestry waste as raw materials and binds them with high pressure. It is one of the major new growth opportunities that can help the UK economy develop to a great extent.

Charcoal is the most efficient fuel that produces long lasting and smokeless fire that can be used for a variety of purposes. People... Read More

The industry, small, medium or large plays an important role in any of the world economies. Although, the industry is one of the key drivers of an economy, the impact of the industry on the natural environment is immense. One of the major offshoots of the development of industry is the pollution of various forms. The combustion of the different raw materials results in the emissions of gases into the atmosphere which many a times have hazardous effects on the human beings and the other living creatures in the ecosystem. Addressing these critical needs emerged the invention of briquette machine... Read More

With the changes in socio-economic conditions, city structures and the environment, the scope of sewage management has also evolved and changed. And over the last few years, it has become more well-planned and effective. Its efficacy is particularly essential because sewage water management improves environment by enabling proper drainage and disposal of waste, it also prevents floods through removal of rainwater and preserves receiving water quality. This is ensured through sanitary sewer systems, combined sewer systems, municipal sewer systems and wastewater treatment, the process of which... Read More

Whether in South Africa or in India poaching of rhinos has assumed alarming levels. In South Africa, which has the largest population of rhinos and which is an important country for their conservation, poaching has reached a crisis point so much so that if the killings continue at the current rate, it is estimated, the species could be pushed close to extinction. In 2014 as many as 1215 rhinos were killed and the South African Department of Environment calculated that that amounted to poaching of one rhino every 8 hours.

In the African Continent poaching of what are known as Black Rhinos... Read More

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