Thursday, July 19, 2018

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When I hear the song 'Unforgettable' a past pours over me, and I am taken back and forward, and back and around, with the replays of the video, to the replays of my mind; and the past returns to make me smile with the delight of memory, and the joy of being in love and loved. The love may have receded like his hairline, but the memory of the everlasting love lingers, and brings the smile back to my face over the distance of the years. The potent combination of music, voice and image, will always have the power to harness the past to the present and the now, and lines such as 'Darling, it is... Read More

“In the beginning Back in nineteen fifty-fiveMan didn't know about a rock 'n' roll showAnd all that jive...”

Along came 1973 and changed all that for a life-long journey through time and history. I was at those two shows on December 6Th/8Th at the Los Angeles Forum. I had to make up for lost times, and got my moneys’ worth.

Saturday, December 6th show, I was seated way off to the side of the stage, Malcolm’s side, and didn’t know what was happening to the front of me. I still had a good view of the band playing except I couldn't see Phil Rudd. It didn’t matter. I was finally here... Read More

By Kim

There was a nod from the head of the man who is - a master of musical arts. Everything was set for fixated amazement. His left hand was the one to watch as he began a series of chord progressions that invoked a sound of sheer pleasure from a few audience addicts, while the right hand kept a steady beat.

It was a Jazz heaven in the open air venue of The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. on a Sunday night, November 16, 2008.

McCoy Tyner, a connoisseur in the Jazz World from the days of when he was with the legendary John Coltrane Quartet presented the captivated crowd with a priceless... Read More

The year was 1968. The boys in the band were returning to Pine City after a few days break in New York City. Their summer long tour was beginning to take its toll even on this six pack of hard rocking teens. They were sad yet a bit relieved that after this Friday & Saturday night at the Pine City Hullabaloo Club, they could head south again.

The band, LUKE'S CABBAGE STORE was from Warner Robins, Georgia a far cry from the bustle of New York and the other big cities they had visited this summer. Pine City on the other hand, was small town America, quaint and hospitable.... Read More

By Kim

It was a brisk, fall evening Sunday - October 19, 2008 when pupils, aficionadas, aficionados, and all others came out to the inimitable World Stage, located in the Leimert Park district of Los Angeles. We wanted to give thanks and recognition to Drummer - Billy Higgins, the founder of one of the greatest venues for Jazz, Poetry, Prose, Dance and other art forms.

The Birthday Celebration and observance was a golden opportunity to give a tribute to a life that was an example to all of those who came in touch with him, Billy Higgins.

Mr. Higgins founded the workshop with community... Read More

(I don't usually do this, but seeing as it's my 250th article for Broo, maybe I feel a little entitled? I'm plugging my annual Yuletide Yuckfest, a show I produce every year for Toys for Tots. Any Broo member who wants to attend gets in for FREE. Message me and I'll reserve a seat(s) for you. Hopefully we can have a Broo table. Maybe we can even have a Broo after show bash. I am fully expecting El G and Bill Friday, among others, to make the trek up North for this event.)

Here are the details:

On Sunday, December 7th from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., Britannia Arms is hosting the 10th Annual... Read More

By Kim

Many of us remember a young, vibrant, soulful, and petite woman who wore her hair in a perfect and huge natural hair style known as an "afro-style". When she sat at the piano, began to play and sing, your heart melted. She had an aura that caused you to abandon your soul to her tender voice. She told her a story in poetic for with lyrics that spoke of love - that which was lost and present. She'd also sing of friendship, sexual rendezvous, social climate, tragedy, ecology, human conditions, life in every facet, and death of relationships, a particular time period, and ways of thinking.

... Read More

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