Saturday, July 21, 2018

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By Kim

Here we are at the end of August and for many a back to school groove. The 21st of August brought more unseasonal but nice cool weather at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art -Friday Night Jazz Series. The stage was well fired up with the Ben Wendell Ensemble. They shared an array of original music, and featuring some of the best on horns and a fantastic rhythm section.

Ben Wendell - Saxophone and Bassoon

Mark Ferber- Drums

Adam Benjamin - Rhodes Keyboards

Josh Nelson - Piano

Darek Oales - Bass

Ben Wendell is well known on the Jazz scene around... Read More

By Kim

The World Stage - is a venue founded by the distinguished Drummer Billy Higgins in 1989.

On Sunday, August 9, 2009 we all gave thanks and tribute to Billy Higgins, and other artists that have transitioned on over the past year. We also gathered to show our heartfelt appreciation for a place that inspired hungry artists, a famished community, youth and seasoned people from all walks of life to enter, enjoy, learn, grow, share, blosoom, and give.

An afternoon in one of the most interesting and creative culture hub's in the inner city of Los Angeles - Leimert Park. This... Read More

The Ultimate Summer Groove in Southern California

The 22nd Annual Long Beach Jazz Festival was held on August 7-9, 2009, at the gorgeous grassy knoll of the Rainbow Lagoon.

Al Williams, The Founder of the Long Beach Jazz Festival and his staff of Rainbow Promotions and volunteers were blessed by the weather Gods with some ultimate Southern California weather. The weather was tolerable but pleasant with a nice breeze all weekend.

Al Williams welcomed the early arrivals ready to keep off their weekend at day one of the festival Friday evening. The crowd was asked to... Read More

Singer Uvie's (Upinder Singh) first solo album “Aa Bhi Ja” launched by T-series. The title track of the album is a heart rendering song sung by Uvie and it depicts the emotion of a man who hasn’t come to terms of losing his beloved and is still awaiting her comeback. The lyrics of this song are well crafted by Preeti and do touch a chord with people who would emphasize with the lover’s plight.

Depicting his versatility, Uvie has sung “O Piya”, a beautiful classical melody based on Khamaj Rag, penned by Moid Iihaam. The pitch and easy flow of voice... Read More

Santa Monica Pier Celebrated with African Music

Santa Monica-Summer is a great time to attend the various outdoor concert series throughout the city. It doesn’t take much prodding to encourage the public to go to the beach in Southern California. Thousands have been getting their groove on at the popular Twilight Dance Series on the Santa Monica Pier.

The City of Santa Monica is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the world famous Santa Monica Pier. This is also the 25th Anniversary of the world famous Twilight Dance Series on the pier, produced by King & Company... Read More

By Kim

There was a spectacular departure that took off from Crowne Plaza's Lounge, only minutes away from the Los Angeles International Airport known to most of us as simply (LAX) with Fuasi Khaliq and his roaring yet beautiful ensemble on July 31.

They presented a series of in flight adventures for those interested in excitement, ecstasy, and excellent execution of innovative compositions.

The band consisted of the following musicians.

Fuasi Khaliq - Saxophones & varied percussion instruments

Ramon Banda - Drums

Jeff Littleton - Bass

... Read More
By Kim

Break away from the boring fast foods, same old, same old salad bar selections, sit down safe cafe predictions and venture into an instantaneous immersion into body, soul, and spirit delight.

The Ernst & Young Plaza at 7th and Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles hosted a relaxing concert amidst summer sun on July 29th, 2009.

The Red Holloway ensemble with special guest vocalist, Ernie Andrews gave the attentive crowd a mixture of jazz standards and other selections.

Red Holloway - Saxophone

Ernie Andrews - Vocals

Richard Reed - Bass

Derrick... Read More

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