Sunday, February 18, 2018

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London, France, Dubai or Miami in a bottle and on your body -- the choice is yours. A new cologne from "Scents of Departure" offers you the opportunity to embrace and share the distinct aroma of your favorite city. Simply spray it on you and you ad those around will wonder if you have just arrived back from New York City, Paris, Tokyo, Miami, Munich, or one of 14 other major cities.

The bottles are being marketed as the "essence of the city" and sell for a retail price of $45 at airport shops, reports MSNBC. Highly unique packaging displays the city's airport cod — CDG (Paris),... Read More

My klutzy ways are legendary and well documented by the perpetual bruises and scratches that cover my body. I don't know what it is but I just can't seem to keep out of harm's way. Door knobs, chairs, desks, curling irons and every other hard surface imaginable always manage to bump into me! Over the years, I've made peace with my clumsiness, relying on an arsenal of aloe vera, mederma, scar tissue pads, and facial rollers to minimize my battle wounds. The facial rollers are used by Asian women obsessed with attaining a perfect V shaped face. They use the rollers to massage the sides of their... Read More

His designs are shoe sculptures, and they are from another world, original, humurous and wonderfully imaginative.

Levi tells us that each design can take about a month to complete, and that prefers quality over quantity, no doubt the secret of his success.

His unique shoe designs, like the "Coffee time" shoe, have certainly made a "splash" in the fashion world. (hahaha)

Apparently, Lady Gaga has purchased pieces from Levi's collection, which doesn't surprise me at all, since she the first person who came to mind when I saw them!

I've always had a bit of a shoe fetish,... Read More

Need to hold on to your money? Well that’s the story of many people’s lives at the moment. Purses are being clutched to very tightly, the shops however continue to indulge us with enticing teasers sticking out to us in window displays luring us to gaze at them, try them, eventually convincing ourselves into believing they are necessary buys. While the money grabbers are being lured by mind games of the high street and internet, some of the wealthy are strutting and showing off what their money can buy-from the most deploring florals mingled with urban extras to chic outfits.... Read More

Okay, so I’ve mentioned this a few times in previous pieces, and seeing as how the subject trend has not withered and died under the weight of its own absurdity (as I had hoped), it’s time to take it head on: What the hell is up with “skinny jeans”?!

No, seriously, I don’t get this. I really don’t. After nearly three and a half decades on this planet, and exposure to what must certainly be hundreds of thousands of different forms of attire – I honestly cannot conceive of a less flattering and more ridiculous way to clothe one’s self.... Read More

“Diamonds are girl’s best friend”. Ask any women and she would agree to this. From ancient civilization to the present fashion jewelry, gemstones have been an integral part of women. Some use it to make a style or fashion statement whereas others purely follow the instructions of their astrologers. The Indian or Hindu astrologers suggest the gemstones based on the moon sign (placement of moon in a person’s birth chart or kundali) whereas in western culture the astrologers use sun signs.

The gemstones have vibrations and energy and hence affect a person’s... Read More

Just look at this photograph. If a picture is worth a thousands words, then this is the War and Peace of photographs.

While scooting around on the Internet this morning, I happened across the What Were They Thinking section of Yahoo News and found this gem of a joke. I’ve attempted to avoid saying anything about Oprah Winfrey because frankly, I don’t like her. She’s a self-centered ideologue and self-proclaimed prophet of modern spiritualism. I could go on, but I won’t. I want to address her (and others’) fashion sense – or severe lack thereof.

We’ve all seen it, People magazine... Read More

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